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My E.T. finger/ stick

 Old navy jeans, Zara shirt, Keds
I thought I’d post earlier but my internet was cut off due to heavy rains, so much for complaining about the internet right? Anywho this is a comfortable outfit for college. I really like this jean shirt because it’s versatile, I can pull up the sleeves (or not), or use the little belty-string for a different look (or take it off).

Iba a hacer un post antes pero cortaron el servicio de internet debido a unas fuertes lluvias hehe, eso me manda por quejarme no? Look cómodo para la Universidad. Me gusta esta camisa de jean porque es versatile, puedo subirr las mangas (o no), utilizar la correíta para darle otro look (o no usarla). 


The super lovely Sarah from Just Take a Bow awarded me with this award:

Yayy! Thanks Sarah! I’m so glad to have met such wonderful people through this blog ;)
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  •       Share 7 random things about yourself.
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  1.  I’m a lefty :)
  2.  My favorite movies are animated films. Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Fox, I like to watch them all.
  3. I totally had a case of royalty addiction (a few days before the wedding and then of course I watched the wedding, and the reruns). But, I mean, who doesn’t want to become a princess?? And to get that sort of wedding? It’s just so surreal, a fairy tale.
  4. One of my favorite novels in English is Pride & Prejudice and in Spanish La Casa de Los Espíritus.
  5. Eeyore is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character (a new movie is being released, see what I mean about point #1 hehe)
  6. My sister and I loooove The Amazing Race and think it’d be awesome to participate. 
  7. A quote I use a lot: Failure to prepare is preparing for failure.

Once again thanks Sarah, you also have "one lovely blog"!!


  1. Congrats! Like your wonderful red pants!

  2. You're welcome. (:

    I love the colors you have on. I've done a couple of outfits with red and blue. Your pants are more vibrant than mine (and I like that) and that shirt looks sooo comfortable.

    I wanted to read La Casa de Los Espíritus but my teacher said I shouldn't. So I think I'll do it this summer instead, haha. That was she can't tell me no.

  3. i've been dying to own a bright red or orange coloured pant.. i dunno when ill buy!
    i like the way u teamed it with a pale blue :)

    Winnie the Pooh is my most favourite cartoon! Tough to decide whom i like best though.. maybe piglet.. or roo!!!

    And finally thanks a lot for the award :)

  4. I'm flattered by the award! :) Thank you!
    Thanks a lot as well to mention not to stress about it, as I seem to have a problem with coming up with a sufficiently original post to accept it. :D But really, it means a lot! :)

  5. gracias por el comentario premio, eres un sol!! y felicidades a ti por recibirlo, te lo mereces! estas preciosa!

  6. Thanks for giving me the award! :) I'm a bit of a party pooper though, and probably won't get a chance to reblog it. Your facts are so lovely :) What's your favorite Pixar movie?

    Love the shirt a lot. The detailing in the bust is so nice.

  7. Hey!!! Congrats on the award and THANK YOU for forwarding to it me! :) I have too really enjoyed getting to your girls via your blog!

    Love your shirt and red pants combo! Just a feel good outfit. Perfect for the spring/summer.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com
    Apothica Giveaway

  8. You look great! I love your red pants. I'm now following your blog. :)

  9. So... It's official... I want to steal your pants. haha, seriously though, they look so cute on you!
    The red adds such a nice touch to the classic look of your outfit :)


  10. Great combination of clothing - this is so my style. And thanks for awarding me this! I'll be sure to post about it sometime soon :)

    Flossy Blossom

  11. OMG. I've sow anted to own this type of jeans.
    And it looks awesome.
    Love the photos. :D

    Cant help but follow your blog. :)
    Take care, you :0



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