New In: Bimba & Lola Bag!

When I went to Bimba & Lola, I really wasn't looking to buy anything - obviously that didn't happen - 

I must give credit to the sales lady that brought out every bag that was in the store & in storage, until we found the perfect one*. It has a long strap & a short strap, the size is perfect because it fits my laptop but it's still not super large, the color goes with everything & the material is also slightly weatherproof, so I don't have to take extreme care of it...

I also ended up buying a make up bag for my sister - she found a better use of it though since it's now her pencil case 

*I'm very particular about costumer service - it's something I pay very close attention to... do you?


Men Shirts & Pink Pants

Men Lacoste shirt, Zara pants

My dad has great taste is shirts, of which many end up in my closet... like this one :) I usually tend to gravitate to men shirts (I've worn a few in the blog before), I buy many and others I "borrow forever" from my dad, I like their bagginess & patterns, plus they're perfect for that "I-have-nothing-to-wear" moment.
 This one even has a really nice texture where the pink lines are. To finish the look I added my favorite pink jeans. Though I'm no professional stylist, if you're wearing a big/large shirt, balance out the look with straight/skinny pants...

Have a greeeat week ;)   


New in: Skirts!

Skirts all Zara

Since I've discovered skirts in everyday wear (I used to only wear them "at night"), I've become slightly obsessed with them, building a small collection. 

These three were my last Zara sales purchases, so they were marked down really really low (ahh consumer satisfaction!)

Another girl actually found the black & white one from the right, luckily she put it back on the rack and before she changed her mind I got it (score!). The middle lace one, I had seen previously but I couldn't decide whether to buy it or not, when I went back and it was the only one left, I knew it was for moi. Unfortunately the white one isn't very visible, just realized this when seeing the picture in my computer, however the fabric is very heavy and detailed, so it'll probably be the hardest to match. Outfit with one of these coming soon ; )

Have a great week!


Flowers & Linen Pants

Pictures taken at about 5:30 am - can you tell from my sleepy face? Or the darkness in the background? Though I'm a morning person, when you're up before the sun...

About the outfit, there's something about wide-legged pants & heels that makes you feel ultra feminine, confident & powerful right? Or is it just me? 'Cause I was power-walking all over the house with my pants & shoes. These pants are a little treasure from Italy, they're 100 % linen (according to the tag) and they're flowy and have so much movement, and it doesn't matter if they get wrinkled because it's part of their charm. The shirt (on trend huh?) is about 2 yrs old from Zara, and I take care of it like a precious jewel, it's definitely one of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite clothes? 



So I opened a Pinterest account, awhile ago (thought I'm usually really late into all the social media hype), but I hadn't really used it until today -  and it's addictive!! It's so cool to have one space where you can put all the things that interest you, without having a million folders on your computer hehe. 

So you can follow here, and I'd really like to know if you're on Pinterst as well! Let me know!

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