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Peruvian Cuisine

Crab Causa: Small smashed yellow potatoes with crab filling.  
(The original causa is filled with tuna, ají, mayonnaise & avocado) 

Fried wontons filled with meat & crab (clearly in separate wontons ;) ) 

Delicious spicy sushi - new on the menu - not very Peruvian I know but still very good

Three types of ceviche. The basis for traditional ceviche is fish marinated in lemon, with purple onions (like the one in the middle). People often add other sea food (octopus, calamari), and it can be seasoned with other ingredients. For example the yellow one, has a special tipe of ají (or Peruvian chili), that gives it its color and taste.   

 Zara jacket, Nine West booties, Scarf from a local Indian store, random leggings & tank top

I think I've mentioned before that my sister and I are wannabe foodies!! Also, I must add that apart from Venezuelan cuisine, my favorite is Peruvian. Anywho, we went for a family dinner to my favorite restaurant.  This restaurant has a modern take on Peruvian cuisine (nouvelle couisine) while still making traditional dishes with great flavor. What the chef does is use different ingredients for traditional dishes (for example the crab causa), the ceviches - all styles - are absolutely delicious! I was so excited when we agreed on my favorite restaurant! Hope you like the food pics. 
For my outfit I decided to wear my new leggings, with a black & beige combination. This printed scarf is definitely a favorite. With leggings I like wearing loose shirts/jackets that fall at the hips or lower in order to create a lean visual effect. 

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