The Isthmus

View of the city, it's growing so fast skyscrapers are being built everywhere. The building that looks like a D in the new Trump tower.

 Panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. 

 I really like all the shades of blue, green, grey and a little brown in the ocean. Note: this sea is contaminated so you can't bathe in it. Fishermen must go really far into the sea to fish. 

 Buses in Panama look like this, and they're called Diablos Rojos (Red Devils). The paintings are very detailed and depict women, saints, the city, other Panamanian states, and some drivers even add colorful light bulbs so at night they flash green and blue. Unfortunately, due to do a government regulation, all buses must change to "normal" white ones by August.  

The sun was setting and I really liked the contrast of concrete, glass, the reflection and the colors created.

Also we're
Sooo, soon new outfit post and I'll also answer all comments :) Thanks for visiting! I also have some other  "touristy" pics I hope to post soon. 

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Is this cheating?

So I went to visit Amancio's store, and naturally I got a huge pile of clothes to try on (only to then carefully select a few to actually buy). I really like trying on clothes when there's little people in the changing rooms (but I hate it when I've got to make a line), it's like playing dress-up, only I don't keep the clothes. 
I took these photos of potential outfits, and I'm wondering if this is cheating because I ended up not buying any of these clothes. The bubble skirt oooh I loved, but it was way too short, the orange skirt too big (you can tell I'm holding it with my other hand haha), and the shirts well I think that perhaps I can find something else I like even more in another store. Anywhooo I decided to post them,  just to remember the outfits I didn't buy, but also to use as inspiration for other outfits. 

Visité la tienda de Amancio, y obviamente seleccione mucha ropa para probarme (y luego elegir que comprar). Cuando no hay mucha gente en el probador me encanta probarme la ropa (pero odio tener que hacer colas), y salir y mostrarsela a mi hermana, es divertido.
Tomé estas fotos de outfits potenciales, y me pregunto si estoy haciendo trampa ya que no compré ninguno de estos artículos. La falda verde wooow me encantooo pero era muy corta, la falda naranja muy grande (de hecho en la foto la estoy sujetando con mi otra mano jaja), y pienso que puedo encontrar otras blusas que me gusten más. De todas maneras decidí montar las fotos para acordarme de los outfits que no compré, pero que me pueden servir de inspiración para otros outfits. 

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Parakeet Yellow


Wore this outfit for dinner and I really like the color blocking I put together (bright yellow shirt & DIY bag, and pink nails)! I’m still not tired of the trend, you can tell right? ;). Also, I really like the bagginess of the shirt, with the skirt at the waist because it gives the look a little retro air. On the down side, my clutch got a little stain (clumsy me) during dinner and it was just a sad sad moment.  
On a side note, went to Zara recently and saw a many little colorful clutches like the one I made. For something we’ll probably just use for a season, it’s cheaper to make it ourselves, plus having a final product that you made, just makes you so proud. Trust me, after all I suffered to make it, and if you have little sewing abilities, it feels awesome!

On a second side note, I got this little message and thought it was nice:
Always remember these five rules to be happy:
1)      Free your heart of hate.
2)      Free your mind of worries.
3)      Simplify your life.
4)      Give more and expect less.
5)      Love more.
Thank you soooo much for visiting : )
 Sorry some pics are a little grainy, still figuring out the settings

Usé este outfit para ir a cenar, y estoy muy orgullosa del color blocking que logré (camisa y DIY clutch amarillo brillante y uñas rosadas)! Todavía no me canso de esta tendencia, se nota verdad? También me gusta la soltura de la camisa y la falda que llega a la cintura, pues le da un aire retro al look.
Por otro lado, fui a Zara recientemente y vi muchos bolsitos de colores como el que hice. Para algo que probablemente solo usemos por una temporada, es más económico hacerlo nosotras mismas, además que el orgullo de llevar una prenda que tú hiciste es lo máximo. Créame, después de lo que sufrí, y si tienen pocas habilidades para coser, el sentimiento es lo mejor!

Por el otro lado recibí este mensaje y me pareció lindo:
Recuerda las cinco reglas para ser feliz:
1)      Libera tu corazón del odio.
2)      Libera tu mente de las preocupaciones.
3)      Simplifica tu vida.
4)      Da más y espera menos.
5)      Ama más.
Muchísimas gracias por visitar :)


Military Lunch

Jonathan Z jacket, Zara flats, Longchamp bag, DKNY shirt

For lunch this weekend we went to Paladar restaurant, located in Multiplaza Mall, the mall is huuuge and has lots and lots of nice stores.
I brought my military-green jacket and wore it casually with one of my favorite shirts, the material is very soft.
Paladar restaurant is very nice, but there’s a lot of people and few waiters, so we had to wait a long time to get our food. This is what we ordered:
As an entrée we ordered an assortment of cheese. Then as main courses: Greek salad, steak with chimichurri sauce, corvine fish with smashed potatoes, and then for dessert cheesecake. We must clarify that cheesecake is an absolute favorite of ours, so we’re hard judges, but this one pretty good.

Grades are in:
Service/servicio: 2/5
Flavor/sabor: 3.25/5
Ambiance/ambiente: 3.5/5

Para almorzar este fin de semana fuimos al restaurante Paladar, ubicado en el centro comercial Multiplaza. El centro comercial es grandísimo y tiene muchísimas tiendas!
Lleve mi chaqueta color militar, y la combine con una franela que me encanta porque es muy suave, para obtener un look casual.
El restaurante es lindo, pero van muchas personas y tienen poco personal, por lo que tuvimos que esperar mucho tiempo para que nos atendieran. Esto fue lo que ordenamos:
Para picar pedimos una bandeja de quesos, muy sabrosa. Luego como platos principales: ensalada griega, churrasco con salsa chimichurri, corvina al limón con puré de papas, y como postre un cheesecake. A nosotros nos encaaantan los cheesecakes, es el postre que siempre pedimos, por lo que somos muy críticos, pero este paso la prueba pues estaba bien rico.


We'll be blogging from Panama (hopefully haha). We hope to get some cool pics of food (many nice restaurants here), toursity shots, and clotheees!
So stay tuned! ;)

Estaremos blogging desde Panamá (eso espero jaja). Esperamos mostrarles fotos de comida (hay muchos restaurantes acá), imágenes "turísticas," y outfits también! 

 Sky view

Growing skyline

Breakfast (I neeeever have waffles at home, so when I travel it's the first thing I like to eat for breakfast)

So can you guess?
Pueden adivinar?

P.S: I also wanted to thank you for such nice comments, and for visiting! I promise I will answer them all, I just don't have access to internet as I thought I would. The  hotel is charging $12 for one day wireless access! Seriously? That's craaazy! I think nowadays, free internet (or at least at a reasonable price) should be part of any hotel service.
P.D: Quería darles las gracias por sus lindos comentarios y por visitar este blog! Prometo que les responderé pero ahora no tengo acceso a internet como me gustaría. El hotel me cobra $12 por un día de acceso wireless, lo cual me parece una locura! Además considero que actualmente, este servicio lo debería ofrecer un hotel como complemento al huesped.


I will soon tell ;)
Pronto les diré ;)


Whimsical flowers

Zara shoes, Victoria Secret tank top (hehe), Gianfranco Ferre belt, Steve Madden flats
I went for dinner with some friends, and this is what I wore, only that to be completely honest I didn't wear my super duper awesome heels, but rather my flats. But with the heels it looks sooo much better right? I finished the look with my DIY yellow clutch, so I was mixing both trends (color blocking & skirts), clever me! Ooh and my belt, it's a little vintage treasure!
On the other side, I looove food, I'm a total foodie, and like to go to new restaurants and try all sorts of food, so maybe I could also do some food posts? 
Have a lovely day!

Fui a cenar con unas amigas y este fue mi atuendo. Solo que para ser honesta no me puse mi super fabulosos tacones, sino mis flats. Sin embargo, se ve muuucho mejor con los tacones no? Terminé el look con mi bolso amarillo DIY, entonces mezlé ambas tendencias (color blocking y las faldas largas).  
Por otro lado, me encaaanta comer, e ir a restaurantes nuevos y probar platos diferentes. Entonces tal vez haga algunos posts de comida?
Que tengan un lindo día!

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Pinch punch first of the month!

While getting an outfit post ready, I decided to showoff  my super pink nails (I got them done today hahaha) and I loove the color it's so bright! We also like to read a lot, and this is the novel I'm currently reading and have been doing so for months now, but it's seriously the hardest book I've ever read. I find it really hard to follow (structure-wise), and I have to read parts over and over again, because the tone of the narration changes. Also, there are many foreign words because it's set in India, which makes it harder. However slow and steady wins the race, and what I've read so far is wonderful, the style is different and the journey of growth and discovery is very beautifully told.
Soon new outfit post!

Mientras arreglo un nuevo outfit post, decidí mostrar mis nuevas uñas super rosadas (se nota mi felicidad porque hoy fui a la peluquería no?) En cuanto ví el color me encanto, jajajaja. 
Por otro lado, a nosotras nos gusta leer mucho, y este es el libro que llevo leyendo ya unos cuantos meses, porque es el más difícil que he leido hasta ahora. La narración es a veces confusa, y los diálogos también son difíciles de seguir. Sin embargo, lo poco que he leido y entiendo claramente, es muy interesante, pues cuenta la historia de un niño y un monje budista en un viaje de descubrimiento y aventuras. 
Pronto nuevo outfit post!

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