Plaid & Red

I really like how the shirt is slightly longer than the jacket. 
 DIY Bracelet, so crafty : D
 Zara jacket, Calvin Klein jeans, Bershka shirt, Candy Bag by Furla & Coach shoes, DIY bracelet. 
I'm back!! I hope someone missed me hehe. I've been so busy and so many things have changed, that I just didn't have time to blog. 

So are you following Fashion Week? Any trends for summer? I'll probably go over everything during the weekend to see what cool designs hit the runway. I also created a little polyvore about fall trends (for fun considering we don't even have fall), but I forgot to save it!!! Now it's gone. And it was such hard work finding the perfect clothes grrr. 

Anywho, I love this jacket, I love the patten and the cool elbow patches it has, so retro hehe! My mom found it, as always with many of my favorite clothes. My Candy Bag & shoes bring the pop of color to the outfit. Oh yeah and the pants are slightly too big, oh well! 

Thank you for visiting now after so long! 

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