New Purchases!

Zara sales!!! I (obviously) love Zara, but I think I like it even more during sales! I got great consumer satisfaction with these pants & shirt.
Me encanta Zara, y aún más cuando son las rebajas, encontré esta franela y pantalón a precios excelentes!!

This is not from Zara, but I tweeted about this shirt because the color is just so cool (the pic doesn't really do it justice).
Comenté en twitter cuando compré esta camiseta porque me encanta el color, de verdad que en la foto no se aprecia tan bien.

Black Zara shirt on super sale and another brandless shirt I really liked.
Franela negra de Zara y otra que no tiene una marca en particular que me gustó mucho también.

My best purchase was this jacket! I'd been stalking it (can you stalk a jacket?) since I saw it a really long time ago, but I thought it was way too expensive, during sales I found it marked way down, my size - yay!!
Mi mejor compra fue esta blazer porque le estuve siguiente la pista por muuucho tiempo, su precio original me parecía muy alto, la encontré en mi talla luego que rebajaron varias veces el precio. Yay!

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Flowers Flowers

Jessica Simpson flats, Zara pants & shirt, Liz Claiborne purse, DIY bracelet

Hello!! I'm such an awful blogger, not posting for ages. Even though, I'll usually be wearing something and think oh I should've brought my camera to take some photos, it's like I think blog-wise, does that happen to you? Anywho, I got this shirt in Zara a while back and it's so green! These pants belong to my sister but I found them so I borrowed them.  Finished the look with my go-to flats (I find that gold matches with everything) and a cute purse I bought a long time ago but hadn't worn. 

Hola! Que mala bloggera soy, porque actualizo tan poco. Sin embargo, cuando me pongo algo que me gusta siempre pienso en que tuve que haber llevado la camara para tomar unas foticos. En cuanto al outfit, la camisa me encanta, la compré en Zara y es tan verde jeje! Terminé el look con unos pantalones que tomé prestados de mi hermana, flats dorados (encuentro que combinan con todo) y un bolso de flores que recién estreno aunque lo compré hace tiempo. 

Gracias por visitar y por sus comentarios :)
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Links à la Mode

I was so happy to be included in this week's IFB Links à la Mode with the Warao Tribute post!! Check it out! Yay :) 

Love Yourself Always and Forever.

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Loving yourself might very well be the key of living a happy life. Love your strengths, your weaknesses, everything! Everyone who made a submission to Links à la mode should be very proud and content with themselves. You are all fashion bloggers with a voice and have something to share with others. Did you know that your post could make someone's day? Your DIY shorts might have been the highlight of a young girls day. Your inspirational post might have motivated someone who had the blues. These are all reasons to keep writing great content and when in doubt remember... YOU INFLUENCE PEOPLE.

Links à la Mode: June 7th

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Be my guest

Hello! Today I'm guest posting over at Madeline's blog :) It's a different type of post, not at all fashion related. It actually made me think a lot, a sort of reflection ;)!

Hola! Hoy el post será en el blog de  Madeline :) Este post es diferente, no tiene que ver con la moda, y en realidad hacerlo fue como un proceso de relexión jeje ;)! 


Warao Tribute

I built today's outfit around this: 
Elaboré el outfit de hoy en base a esto:
It's a handwoven, purse (which conveniently can fall under the clutch category) made by the Warao people, which I actually bought yesterday. According to the old man I asked, and who barely spoke Spanish it's made out of bora, which I was also told, is an aquatic plant. I feel so proud to actually be wearing something made locally, especially handmade. And, I think a little bit more connected to my Venezuelan roots. 

The Warao, are an indigenous group in Venezuela, that live in the delta of the Orinoco river, in the forests of the states Delta Amacuro and Monagas. Warao actually means canoe people. They also live in janokos (houses on stilts built over the Orinoco river). It's the second largest indigenous group in our country, but their population is only of 25,000 that actually preserve their traditions, language and way of life by the river. Therefore, I'm so proud to own something made by the original inhabitants of my country!! And I believe, more should be done in order to preserve their legacy for generations to come.    

Source (top pic). For more information, if you'd like to learn more or see more pictures this second site is very interesting source (bottom 3)! They even have the national anthem in their language.
Es un bolso hecho a mano por los Waraos. La etnia indígena Warao, vive en el delta del Orinoco en los estados Delta Amacuro y Monagas, en Venezuela. De hecho, su nombre en castellano significa hombre de canoa. Viven en janokos, que se construyen sobre el río, y su vida nómada está muy centrada en el río. Actualmente su población es alrededor de 25,000 personas, siendo ésta la segunda etnía más grande de Venezuela. Me siento super orgullosa de llevar algo hecho por los habitantes originales de mi país. El bolso está hecho de bora (una planta acuática), según me dijo un viejito bello que no hablaba muy bien español. Para más información pueden ir a las páginas de arriba, de hecho en una sale el audio del himno nacional en su idioma. Espero se hagan proyectos para poder preservar su cultura y tradiciones por muchas generaciones más.  

Here my sister's telling me, "Oh I think I finally found a way so that you'll actually look good" she's such a strict photographer ;) / stylist. 
I finished the look (I mean I only had a clutch to start off with hahaha) with my new bright orange pants and a white shirt. I actually wore the pants & shirt combination last week with a jean jacket. However, during the closet clean up I did (would you like to read that story, my two week adventure/nightmare of closet cleaning!?) I found this yellow sweater my mom bought a really long time ago. I'd never worn it before because I just didn't know how to wear it, since, it's pretty wide. My mom told me I had to wear it with a shirt underneath, and after a few days with a part of my brain processing possible outfits I came up with this! (Does your brain do that, think of outfits sometimes?). Anyway, the pale yellow & white makes the clutch stand out, giving it the attention it deserves.

Terminé el outfit, con mis pantalones nuevos naranja brillante y una franela blanca. Utilizé esta misma combinación la semana pasada con una chaqueta de jean. Pero esta vez decidí utilizar un sweater que mi mamá me compró hace tiempo pero que no hayaba como combinarlo pues es bastante ancho. Por fin se me ocurrio utilizarlo de esta manera. 
I looove pins! And elephants! So two great things together! Actually if I look somewhere in my files hopefully I'll have a personalized pin jacket I made to go out one night, but this was before the blog hehe.
Me encantan los imperdibles y los elefantes! Hace tiempo decoré una chaqueta con imperdibles y quedó excelente, a ver si encuentro algunas fotos.  

Zara shirt, handmade Warao clutch
Thank you so much for visiting!! Gracias por visitar!!
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Yellow | Everybody, Everywear


Woven black & white

College party attire. Another black & white outfit (it's obvious that it's my favorite combination right?) 
I got this dress in Zara on sale a really long time ago, it was the only dress left in this style, so it was just waiting for me! I love the fabric, the print, the bubble skirt and how even though the print is busy they still decided to make a design at the top. It kind of has a vintagey/modern feeling to it that I really like.
Otro look en blanco y negro, es obvio que me es mi combinación preferida no? El vestido lo compré en Zara hace mucho tiempo, y era el único que quedaba! Creo que me estaba esperando, porque me encanta la tela, los colores y el diseño. La falda tipo burbuja le da un aire medio vintage pero sigue siendo moderno con la parte de arriba. 
 Learning how to use photoshop hehe. The layers concept is so so complicated!! Oh and I got a blow out, and then curled it (the old fashioned way), yeah I just had to share that because well I thought my hair looked fantastique!
Estuve jugando con photoshop y en realidad es bastante difícil de utilizar! Ah y también para ir a esta fiesta me sequé el pelo, y luego me hice unos rulos (a la antigua). Solo lo comento porque aunque casi nunca me seco el pelo, me encanta como se ve despues.  
 Zara dress, Steve Madden shoes

On another note, we're adding two new "sections" to the blog, to show other things we're also interested in! :)
Por otro lado, decidimos agregar dos "secciones" nuevas al blog, para mostrarles otras cosas que nos gustan e interesan :) !! 
Thanks for visiting!!! Gracias por visitar!!!

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Black Flowers & White Spaces

I usually don't have much faith in local retailers that buy clothes from China, L.A. or Miami and then sell them here at extremely high prices. However, my mom and I were looking for a shirt for her in a mall, and we decided to stop by every store we tend to ignore, seeing that Zara didn't do the trick. 

This store, Aïshti, was the last one we went into. They have lots and lots of clothes and just looking through the racks I found this skirt. I loved it right away! I like the color, flowiness and how it's pleated.  So I tried it on (I aaalways try on clothes) and then I bought it ! So now, if I need to buy something I'll take a look in this store again. 

Por lo general no confío mucho en los minoristas locales que compran ropa en China, Los Ángeles o Miami y luego la venden aquí a precios extremadamente altosSin embargo, mi mamá y yo estábamos buscando una camisa para ella en un centro comercial, y decidimos visitar todas las tiendas que tendemos a ignorar, ya que no había nada de nada en Zara. 

Esta tienda, Aïshti, fue la última en la que entramos. Había muchísima ropa y mirando en los racks encontré esta falda. Me encantó de inmediato! Me gustó los colores, el diseño, los pliegues y que es bastante ligera.  Así que me la probé y luego la compré! Ahora, si tengo que comprar algo volveré a visitar esta tienda. 

Nine West booties, Aïshti (local store) skirt

Basically these are two outfits in one hehe. My signature skirt, tights & booties (these are new!) look at the top, and then what I actually wore to go out above. I left with the tights on, and because I wasn't completely convinced with the look I took the tights off in the car hehe, how very glamorous. Also, I really like the flower-like detailing on the sleeves of the shirt, and as is mostly the case for some of my favorite clothes, my mom found it. Which look do you prefer?

Hoy estoy mostrando dos outfits en uno. Mi look clásico de falda, medias y botines (estos son nuevos!) se ven en la parte superior, pero con lo que en realidad salí fue con el look de la última imagen. De hecho, me fui con las medias puestas y todo, pero como no me convencía completamente, me quité las medias en el carro, que poco glamorosa jeje. Por otro lado, me gusta mucho el detalle en las mangas de la camisa, y como es el caso con la mayoría de mi ropa preferida, mi mamá la encontró. Cual look les gustó más?

In my country (Venezuela!!) this 5th of July we celebrate our declaration of independence bicentennial!! So I decided to show some Venezuelan art, painting by Martín Tovar y Tovar one of the first Academic painters in our country. 

Este 5 de julio, en Venezuela, celebramos el bicentenario de la declaración de independencia. Entonces decidí mostrar un poco de arte venezolano, obra de Martín Tovar y Tovar, uno de los primeros artistas académicos. 

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