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Leggings are not pants.

Now I’ve had this discussion with my sister various times, and also with Kristie since she was wearing  really cool leggings in some posts.

In college, during the recent leggings boom, some girls wore leggings wonderfully, very cool long shirts, or under skirts, however, most, unfortunately didn’t. Leggings suddenly became pants; they were worn with short shirts and, let me tell you, they’re tight and stretchy and do show all of your body. So, it’s like walking around in tights, only wintery thick ones. Seeing the pics, I don’t think I even look that fantastic. Anyway I felt like experimenting with my clothes…  

I bought these leggings some time ago, they were cheap and I thought to myself maybe you’ll figure out what to wear it with. Well, after digging through my closet (and my sister’s) I came up with this look. I think the length of the shirt and also its bagginess, plus the actual material of the leggings, make for an all right combination, even by breaking the leggings are not pants rule. (Hopefully!) (It would really suck if it didn’t because I already wore it haha).

I decided to finish the look with my favorite jacket (and it’s thrifted!), to make it a little dressier. I’m also thinking "I’m so cool and got the whole jacket look down" but only one of the sleeves is pushed up... oooh dear...
 Old navy shirt (sister's hehe), Steve Madden heels, Thrifted jacket
So what are the best ways to wear leggings?
Cual es la mejor manera de usar leggings?

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  1. wonderful outfit!! great post <3

  2. I think the length of your shirt is perfect. :) A lot of girls in Hong Kong wear leggings that way - there's a really huge love for oversized tops here so wearing leggings underneath is the basic outfit! I love how you put yours together.

  3. I love this look! Classic and simple and chic- perfect! And ohmygosh, that whole leggings things instead of pants... it's so bad!

    It doesn't work and never will... but try telling some people that- ha!
    Anyways, yay for classy looking leggings and have a fabulous weekend :)


  4. You are so right about leggings being worn as pants making for a fashion faux-pas.It looks horrendous.

    You look gorgeous as always! :)

  5. Tell me about it! I hate it when people pair leggings with short tops... I dont really wear leggings much and if i do its only with long tops or *sometimes* skirts!

    Love the jacket.. makes the look interesting! :)

  6. Nice post!. love the leggings, simply amazing!

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  7. I like how you styled these leggings! They look great :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  8. cute look!


  9. I can't see any of the pictures on your blog for some reason. Reloading the page doesn't help either. :(

    I will try later though! Now I can only say I aggree wholeheartedly - leggings are not pants! Luckily I've never seen them worn as pants by anyone over 25 years old or over 50 kilograms. Hungarians are very self-critical folks - which is a godsend in this case. :D

  10. Upon observing this trend myself, I could only think "When did the leggings-to-pants transition happen in who the heck authorized it???!!!"

    Dastardly doings, I say.

  11. hey you look good.. well I am not a leggings fan.. but sometimes I do wear them with a long top...

  12. Very cute! :)
    Dont forget to enter my contest !! :)


  13. I can see your pictures, finally! :) I think your top is a perfect lenght! Great party outfit! :)

  14. Oh my god... you have to explain me how you created this moving funny effect on the last pic! So cool!! Pls leave me a message back on my blog to explain (euh.. if you agree me to try this effect too for one post?). Thanks so much in advance!



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