Cool Graffiti

 I decided to be a "cool" blogger, and had my mom (how great is that?!) take my photos in front of some graffiti, since, you know, most fashion bloggers have an outfit post with graffiti in the background. 
The designs on the wall are actually pretty cool too. I'm very interested in urban art (though whether or not this falls into that category is debatable), but more about that on another post. 
Anyway, this is me doing "cool" poses in front of cool graffiti. Because that's what cool fashion bloggers do. Right?

Cualquier bloguera "cool" tiene unas fotos de sus outfits frente a una pared llena de graffitis, entonces decidí formar parte del grupo y decirle a mi mamá (tan bella!) que me tomara las fotos frente a esta pared. En realidad, los diseños son bastante interesantes. Y como me encanta el arte urbano también aprecio estos diseños. 
 I don't know the name of this tree but the smell of the flower is so so sweet, also heavy and lingers for a really long time. 

No se el nombre de este árbol pero su flor huele muy muy dulce, también es una esencia pesada y que dura por mucho tiempo. 

 Cool poses

 "Let's pretend I'm walking ok?" I tell my mom, "so take some pictures" and she says, "Ok." Then I just kind of march in slow motion, in front of the wall. The result: me obviously pretending to walk.
I'm a terrible walk pretender, but that's what cool bloggers do in front of graffiti no? Nonchalantly walk by? I just didn't quite master it hehe. 
I got this shirt on sale and I really like it!! I like the fabric and the design, getting lots of consumer satisfaction out of this purchase. I'd been looking for a light jean top for a long time, until I found this one,  and it has become a go-to piece in my closet. Oh and I wore this outfit for sushi with one of my best friends. 

Compré esta franela en descuento, y de verdad me encanta el diseño y el estampado también. El top de jean se ha convertido en una pieza que uso regularmente porque es súper combinable. Use el outfit para ir a comer sushi con una de mis mejores amigas. 
 Ah yes, I'm doubly cool now. Cool pose: leg on the wall, looking down, two rings and my Candy Bag, in front of a graffiti wall. No, make that, triply cool!

   Now I'm not cool anymore, this is me just being silly, and following my mom's instructions on how to hold the purse. In my arms? Like this?

Zara flats, Candy Bag, Bongo jeans, Thrifted jean shirt

Have you seen The Princess and the Frog?? I saw it this weekend (yeah, I'm late late!) but I loved it!!!
I think with this last pic I can rest my case, I'm just super cool!
Han visto la Princesa y el Sapo? Yo recién la vi este fin de semana y me ha encantado!!
On to the next blog photograph cliché hehe, suggestions?

Thanks for visiting!! :D
Gracias por visitar!! :D


  1. haha.. case well rested! And you are super cool. Proven fact!
    Love the location! And nice outfit... even am on the search for light coloured jackets!

  2. The location mirrors the colors of your outfit! Super cool, indeed! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  3. Hello there!! What time is it in Venezuela right now? Thanks so much for leaving me the tip of your gif pic on my blog. Really a big thank you! I used this tool to make a new profile pic at the end of my 'about me' section. I love sharing pics tips.. so many thanks (and if you have more, pls keep on sharing ;) Anyway, I did not do a post yet with this effect (though if/when will do, will of course mention you) but in the meantime, I put you in my blogroll.. so even better I think! feel free to do the same in case you like me blog. and in the meantime, a big kiss from Milan!


  4. Love the location and your bag, really great! :)

    <3 Verena-Annabella

  5. you're right all the bloggers take pictures in front of Graffiti hehehe so you look great. I love the Frog Prince pic.

  6. love the photoshoot, jealous of that amazing background

  7. OMG these are some faboulous pics.

  8. Me ha hecho mucha gracias el post, las top bloggers que parecen tan naturales caminando en las fotos ;) Creo que lo más fácil es sacar mil fotos y luego escoger la mejor.

    Muy guapa!

    Un besito!

  9. tu bolsa esta divina!! dónde la has comprado ?? me encanta!!


  10. love how simple yet fresh this outfit is!!! ;)

    Following you too now!! :)

    See you around blogger,
    Nina of http://tohoneysuckledays.blogspot.com/ ;)


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