Zara shirt & booties, La Perla tights, Michael Kors purse

This is what I wore to go out to dinner with a friend. We went to an Asian-cuisine restaurant which was pretty good, only that the serving size was minuscule very à la Francaise which left me slightly hungry afterwards. 

When I bought the skirt I didn't know if I'd wear it because I thought it was waaay tooo short, but with tights it was perfect.



Stencil work by ERGO
Trabajo en stencil por ERGO, Altamira.
ERGO is a Venezuelan urban artist whose work is not only absolutely fantastic but also a call for awareness. The people he depicts are usually of photographs he takes during his humanitarian travels. 



There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.

Friedrich Schiller


Geometrización de la naturaleza

Héctor Fuenmayor, de la serie Buddy Tree (2007)
Exposición en el Centro de Arte los Galopones.
Héctor Fuenmayor, from the series Buddy Tree (2007)

"La geometrización de la naturaleza," (geometrization of nature) -- how smart does that sound! -- that I quote from the curator.

I took a Venezuelan art history class in college and loved, LOVEEED it. So this is a picture I took at an exposition we went to (field trip!) of Venezuelan contemporary art. It was definitely my favorite, I liked it because it was sooo different, beautiful and peaceful. I asked the curator what it meant, and he talked whilst I nodded wisely, and commented with intellectual phrases such as, "ahh ok ok" and "ummhmm"-- yeah très smart, I know! One of the many interesting things he said though, was that the tree is from the same species under which Buddha reached enlightenment (Bodhi tree). Notice the play in words??


Chocolate covered pineapple

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