Who do you dress for?

A few weeks ago I saw an interview with Colombian designer, Silvia Tcherassi, and she said that there are three types of women:

1)    Women who dress for themselves.
2)    Women who dress for other women.
3)    Women who dress for men.

Now, I’m sure she’s not the first person to point that out, but it did get me thinking, and I totally agree.

As much as I’d like to believe that when I get ready to go out I dress up solely for myself, for self-satisfaction, for the creative challenge of styling an outfit, it’s not true. I mean, yes, all those are true, I do love clothes and getting the best outfit together is always fun. But as I’m choosing my clothes and then getting ready I usually think well… who’s going? What friends? What guys? When I get ready, I want to look my best for those people, not just for me.

But why? Why do I care? Because when people say they don’t care about how they look, they’re lying, even looking like a slob takes work and it’s a message you’re trying to convey. 
I think I care because people will judge you on your appearance (always), because I want to stand out amongst a million other girls, because I want some guy to say or think, “Oh, she looks nice.” So yes, I choose my clothes, so I dress for myself, but truly there are other factors involved that make me realize that I also dress for other girls and for guys as well.

Zara dress, Stewart Weitzman heels (will do another post with a better pic and their story), La Perla tights, Turquoise earrings bought in Turkey. 

What do you think? Do you dress only for yourself or for others? I would love to read your opinions!

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Pink Sailor

Kind of blurry but kind of cool too.
Un poco borrosa pero creo que es lo que hace que se vea interesante.  

College outfit. Bringing out the pink pants again, but this time I gave them a more casual look with this striped sweater/shirt (also, I really like the sailor trend). Considering I had a white canvas I decided to get a little bit more creative.

Outfit para la uni. De nuevo saqué los pantalones rosados  pero esta vez les di un toque más casual al combinarlos con el sweater a rayas (además que me encanta la moda marinera). Y como tenía un fondo completamente blanco entonces decidí ser un poco más creativa.  

DIY necklace. I did this a couple of years ago, I was travelling and I really needed a long necklace to finish off the outfit, seeing that I didn't have one I liked, I decided to make one myself (the same day I was leaving!) Everyone was running around doing important "we're-travelling-things" while I was doing a necklace. Hehe. Just got some thin black ribbon and added those four little pieces. Super easy! 

Collar DIY. Lo hice hace unos cuantos años, iba a viajar pero no tenía un collar largo para terminar el look, entonces como nada me gustaba decidí hacerlo yo misma (el mismo día que me iba, de hecho mientras mi familia estaba haciendo cosas importantes relacionadas con el viaje yo estaba haciendo un collar jaja). Fue super fácil, sólo agarre una cinta negra delgada y le agregue los cuatro dijes. Listo.  

Zara flats
Tratando de controlar mi cabello.

That song is catchy right? Though slightly irritating. 
Esta canción es pegajosa no? Pero también despúes de un rato cansa.

This is what happens when you take pictures by yourself. 
Esto es lo que sucede cuanto una se toma fotos sóla.

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Royal Blue: I heart you!

Went out Saturday with a friend to this really nice place I'd never been before. It was at the bar/restaurant of a hotel I didn't even know existed (yes, I'm so out of it!). I was pleasantly surprised, the decoration was really cool, and it also had a nice & relaxed atmosphere. I felt a little bit like Serena in all those restaurant scenes she has, you know? 

El Sábado salí con un amigo a un lugar super lindo que no había ido. Era un restuarante/bar de un hotel que ni siquiera sabía que existia (sí, estoy completamente desubicada!). El lugar de verdad que me encanto, la docoración muy moderna. Me sentí un poco como Serena en esas escenas que tiene que ir a algún resturante, saben?

In these pictures, you can also appreciate some of our childhood art. My mom's so cute, she framed our drawings. We're talented right hehe?

En estas fotos también pueden apreciar nuestro arte infantil. Mi mamá si es linda, enmarcó algunos de nuestros dibujos. Somos bastantes talentosas verdad jeje?

I bought this Zara dress a long time ago but had never worn it, I loved the color and design. I finished the outfit with what I like to call my signature nighttime attire: black tights and heels. My shoes are new, and they're the perfect height. Thank you Steve Madden, now I can wear heels without looking super tall.

Compré este vestido en Zara hace bastante tiempo pero nunca me lo había puesto, me encanta el color y también el diseño. Terminé el outfit con lo que llamo mi look nocturno: medias negras y tacones. Mis zapatos sí con nuevos, y el tacón es la altura perfecta. Son lo suficientemente altos sin serlo demasiado.

After a bunch of YouTube make-up tutorials (I didn't know one needed so many different types of brushes!) I think I was pretty successful in the make-up department. Hopefully?

Luego de ver un millón de videos en YouTube sobre maquillaje (no sabía que era necesario tener tantos pinceles!) creo que fui bastante existosa en mi maquillaje. Bueno eso espero.

I wore "lots" of rings (that is only three, but it felt like a lot) for that I'm almost-a-rocker-girl look. I also decided to add the belt at the waist to get a little bit more shape out of the dress.

Me puse "muchos" anillos (de verdad sólo tres, pero me parecieron muchísimos) para tener un look un poco niña-roquera. También decidí añadir una correa a la cintura para darle un poco más de forma al vestido. Al contrario se veía muy cuadrado. 

Zara dress, La Perla tights, Steve Madden shoes
I find that I post a lot of "night" outfits, maybe that's my new niche?? I just feel I have more time (5 min) to take few pictures before I leave.
Creo que pongo muchos outfits con looks de noche, tal vez sea mi nuevo nicho?? Creo que en la noche tengo un poco más de tiempo de tomar algunas fotos antes de salir. 

Et voilá, c'est fini. Hope you had a lovely weekend!!
Also, I saw this video and it's absolutely amazing, so I decided to share it as well ;)!
Listo, espero que hayan tenido un lindo fin de semana!! 
Ví este video y me parecio espectacular, entonces decidí compartirlo también ;)!

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.


Tweet Tweet Tweet

So I've fought Twitter for the longest time, but needless to say, it beat me. So to tweet or not to tweet?? In this case opposing won't work, so I've decided to join! I look forward to learning all the twitter terminology and talking to you! Yay!

Estuve peleando contra Twitter por mucho tiempo, pero sin embargo me ganó. He decidido unirme a la comunidad, y espero así poder hablar con ustedes! Yay! 


Chanel Inspiration

I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.


New acquisitions, let's see if the name lives up to expectations. 
I wanted meteorites for almost a year, but I always thought they were too expensive to buy, so I got them on sale. (I you read the sentence without the picture, it's as if I wanted real meteorites haha).

And Chanel, my first Chanel make-up ever...

Note: Many comments were deleted due to the blogger issue so I'm so sorry if I didn't answer :s, hopefully you can leave another comment :).


Silver Flowers

I'd been looking for a long (inexpensive) necklace for some time, until I found this one. It's super cool because from the knot down, it's a separate part (actually two little parts), so I can play and "design" my own necklace. 
Habia estado buscando un collar largo por un tiempo, hasta que encontré este. Me encanta porque desde el nudo para abajo está separado (son dos cadenas más cortas), entonces puedo crear y "diseñar" mi propio collar.
 Zara tank top & jeans, Jonathan Z shirt, Isabel Toledo flats, Kenneth Cole purse

Saturday’s outfit for dinner with some friends. The food was good! We had some “flautas” which I believe are a Mexican dish. Then we went for ice cream to McDonald’s.
Considering it was a casual restaurant, I used some black skinny jeans (a little dressier than regular blue jeans), and a flowy flowery shirt (look at my alliteration). I had to wear a black tank-top underneath because it was just too transparent, evident through photos taken without the tank top :S. Finishing my all black look, pom pom flats, and the purse, which has a really cool fabric design.

Este fue mi outfit del sábado para ir a cenar con unos amigos. La comida estuvo super buena. Comimos unas flautas, que si no me equivoco, es un plato Mejicano. Luego fuimos por helado a McDonald’s.
Como el restaurante era casual, entonces usé unos jeans negros (visten más que los azules normales), y una camisa transparente con diseño de flores.

Hope you have a lovely week!
Espero tengan una linda semana!


Candy Bag ~ Candy Bag

For about two months I wanted Furla's Candy Bag. First of course, I must credit Furlas’s amazing marketing strategy, they were everywhere, and Furla used many promotion techniques to get the product across. After taking a marketing class last semester it was really interesting for me to analyze it, and I admit I fell into the trap...consumerism is killing me! But I digress…
I decided I’d buy the purse in Panama thinking that their store would be better stocked, so there I was, in the mall, making my way purposefully to the store, and:

“Hello, do you have the Candy Bag?” I said.
“Yes” answers the saleslady.
“Great, where are they?” I ask while looking around.
“Oh no, we don’t have them anymore, they sold out the first two days after they arrived. We called our clients and even before the store opened they were outside waiting. So we sold out.”
“Ohh” I answer, in complete dismay, I’d been so close, “when do you get more?”
“We’ll probably get a shipment after Easter, here’s our card.”

So I walk out of the store, pretty disappointed I couldn’t buy my Candy Bag. However the quest was not over. There’s another store that sells Furla (and other brands), so a few days later when we were in that area we stopped by and asked.

“Hello, do you have the Candy Bag by Furla?”
“What?” Blank stare, “We have these Furla purses” she says pointing at other purses.
“No no, it’s plastic”
“Oh like this one?” She asks while pulling out from a drawer a different bag, but it did have a little plastic lining.
“No it’s like a barrel.” (Note: In Spanish it's barril, which is the word we use to describe the shape of the bag)
Blank stare again, “I don’t think we have that…”
I don’t know why I bothered explaining seeing that it was obvious she didn’t have it.

So anyway, after Easter, I called the Furla store again, and the lady told me the shipment would arrive on a later date… I was close to leaving and I’d been totally unsuccessful in my quest for the Candy Bag. 
The day before leaving, we were walking in the street where I’d previously asked for the purse, I passed straight by, but my mom, well the hero of this story, she peers inside and then asks, “is that it?” while pointing at a bag in display in the middle of the store.
Gasp!! Can it be?? “I think…so…” I said.
So I go into the store, and seriously, not exaggerating, I ran to the purse and hung it in my arm!!
Success!!! I’d My mom found it!! It was perfect and so pretty! Yaayyyy!!! 

There was only this color and black, they hadn’t received anymore. The lady remembered me, “That’s the bag you were looking for right?”

“Yesss!!” Ooooh man I was so happy!

So I brought it home, and used it the next day for travelling back here. Waiting in line to board the plane, a girl close by nudges her sister and says, “look that’s the bag,” to which she responded “yeah it’s beautiful”… I beamed like a proud parent!

One more thing, which I think is the best part: it smells sooo sooo good! It has that yummy plasticy new smell. You know it right?

Follow Titine & Totoche

Ok, so I posted this a few days ago, but due to blogger problems (I was so unaware of what was happening!), it was all erased. I opened up the blog and everything was gone, I just kept refreshing the page. Grrr! Not cool!  It's kind of silly to repost a post but oh well... it'll have to do until I get more outfit pics ;)
Este post ya lo había puesto pero debido a los problemas de blogger, se me borró todo. De hecho entré al blog y refrescaba la página para ver si actualizaba, pero nada. Que mal de verdad. Se que es medio raro poner el mismo post de nuevo, pero será hasta que tenga más fotos de outfits ;)


Connect The Dots

I wore this outfit for lunch in Panama (my sis actually styled the shirt), we went to a restaurant with family friends and it was such great day. Also, earlier that day after mass we went to a store where they put make-up on moi, what's the past tense for that?? Hmm... Anyway it's the best, you feel all dolled up, I wish a had a make-up assistant, because I'm usually terrible with make-up. Wearing my new shoes and super pink pants (when I saw them I had to buy them, they're just so bright). What other color would they look nice with other than black?? 

Me puse este outfit para ir a cenar con mi familia y varios amigos en Panamá, en realidad la pasamos super bien! En la mañana luego de ir a misa pasamos por una tienda donde me maquillaron, y de verdad que me encantan este tipo de cosas, quisiera poder tener alguien que me maquille en casa porque no soy muy hábil en esta área.  En cuanto vi estos pantalones de Zara rosados me encantaron, con cual otro color combinarian que no sea negro?

The design of the hotel  is very 60's/70's and retro (notice the parallel lines behind the windows) so I decided to give my photos that look as well hehe.
El diseño del hotel es bastante retro entonces decidí darle ese toque también a estas fotos hehe. 

Zara heels & pants, Thrifted shirt

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! ;) I love my mom very very very much!

Through a post on The Girl at First Avenue I discovered this blog 1000 Awesome Things, and it’s really entertaining to read, so I made my little list of awesome things, I don’t know if they’re included in his blog, I got through some pages but there’s a lot to read.
1)      When a song you can’t get out of your head suddenly plays in the radio.
2)      When flipping through channels you see one of your favorite movies just starting. Happened recently with The Wizard of Oz.
3)        When you “discover” a new band (meaning that you know about it before your friends) and you get to share your “great music knowledge.”
4) The wind. No explanation needed.
5) Inventing words with your friends (this one I got from the blog) and it's so true. I also do this with my sister, it's like we have our own language.

What are your awesome things?
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New In

Bright green Zara heels! I saw them, tried them on, and loved them! They're pretty tall but I think they can make any outfit pop! 
Tacones de Zara! Los vi, me los probé y me encantaron. Son bastante altos pero creo que pueden agregar un toque de color a un outfit.

I'd been wanting a thin brown belt for some time.
Habia estado buscando una correa delgada y marrón. 

I needed a little case for my laptop and I found the perfect one! Yeah, it's a Barbie laptop case, it's so girly and pretty! I remembered my good old Barbie days, I really enjoyed dressing them up and playing with them. Because of the lighting the colors don't look very well, it's actually purple & pink. 
Necesitaba una funda para mi laptop, y encontré una perfecta! Sí es de Barbie, me encantó en cuanto la vi porque es tan linda y me recuerda cuando era pequeña y jugaba con ellas. Por la luz no se ven los colores muy bien, de hecho es morada con rosado.  

Thanks for visiting! :)
Gracias por visitar! :)

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