Who do you dress for?

A few weeks ago I saw an interview with Colombian designer, Silvia Tcherassi, and she said that there are three types of women:

1)    Women who dress for themselves.
2)    Women who dress for other women.
3)    Women who dress for men.

Now, I’m sure she’s not the first person to point that out, but it did get me thinking, and I totally agree.

As much as I’d like to believe that when I get ready to go out I dress up solely for myself, for self-satisfaction, for the creative challenge of styling an outfit, it’s not true. I mean, yes, all those are true, I do love clothes and getting the best outfit together is always fun. But as I’m choosing my clothes and then getting ready I usually think well… who’s going? What friends? What guys? When I get ready, I want to look my best for those people, not just for me.

But why? Why do I care? Because when people say they don’t care about how they look, they’re lying, even looking like a slob takes work and it’s a message you’re trying to convey. 
I think I care because people will judge you on your appearance (always), because I want to stand out amongst a million other girls, because I want some guy to say or think, “Oh, she looks nice.” So yes, I choose my clothes, so I dress for myself, but truly there are other factors involved that make me realize that I also dress for other girls and for guys as well.

Zara dress, Stewart Weitzman heels (will do another post with a better pic and their story), La Perla tights, Turquoise earrings bought in Turkey. 

What do you think? Do you dress only for yourself or for others? I would love to read your opinions!

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  1. You look lovely! :) And your thoughts are absolutely fair...

    I think I dress for others when I am going out to someone's place or part and I dress for myself on everyday basis! But no matter what I dress always according to comfort!

  2. I found you on IFB! And I totally fell in love with this post! I'm so following you..
    Not only love your style but your writing as well..
    Keep it up!


  3. You are right you know?
    People who say they dress for themselves are lying somewhat. 'cos we.. yes everyone of us do dress for others too.
    We always think what others will think about us.

    I totally relate. 'Cos I do the same too.

  4. Yes its true... I dont dress up solely for myself. I mean when am comfortable in what am wearing and i look good, i automatically feel good and confident.
    But i also dress for the occassion and the kind of people who are going to be there :)

    Nice dress.. all black is my all-time favourite! :)

  5. i love the dress...especially the sleeves and the neck...
    and i love what youve written:)

  6. You look beautiful! That black dress is super cute on you!

  7. That's a really good thought. I mean, fashion--like design or any other art form does not exist in a vacuum. It's a form of expression.

    I don't think anyone can really say they ONLY get dressed for themselves. Because there's a big difference between that and not just plain caring what other people think. The fact that other human beings exist and you know they will judge you is impossible to ignore. I feel as if you're still choosing to "dress for them" by making a bold, outrageous statement. In the end, it's about expressing yourself--and choosing whether or not you want to stand out or not.

  8. OH. and I love your outfit of course :D
    Lookin' classy in all black.

  9. You look gorgeous, that dress is beautiful
    I'd like to say I dress for the occasion but nevertheless its definitely an interesting thought, the mind works in mysterious ways

  10. I have heard this before, but for me, I don't constantly do any one of the three. It depends on the occasion. At work, I dress for me. When I'm going out on a date I dress for the man, but also for me (I need to be comfortable). And there are some girlfriends that when I go out with them I feel like I need to dress to their liking as well as mine.

  11. I dress for myself, and other people as well. :) I mean, I'd wear things I like, but what I like is ultimately influenced by what others like anyway. There's no way to figure out the balance. I don't mind though - just wear what you want!

  12. Tanvi & Gracey: I agree, on an everyday basis we're more likely to dress for ourselves, it's mostly when we go out that we also think about others.

    Alci: Thank you! Wow! Thank you so much!!

    Poulomi: Yes, the thought of "what others might think" can influence what we wear.

    GirlatFirst: Half my wardrobe is black! I love it! And you bring up an excellent point, which is the confidence boost we get when we look good, and that is not for anyone else, just for ourselves :)!

    Rohinie & GretchTM: Thank you ;)!!

    Lea: I totally agree with you!! What a great comment!! Even with a bold statement, even when you're trying to convey you don't care, that statement says you do.

    Raji: Hi! Thank you ;)

    Kristie: We wear what we like but what we decide to wear for certain occasions with be influenced by others.Haha, yeah just wear what you want!

    Thank you so much for commenting!! It's really interesting to have this little conversation.

  13. I have found that I never dress in a way that I dislike or isn't "me," but the type of me I choose to channel depends on my company, sometimes. More often than not, the weather is choosing my clothes, though, haha. I will have to think about who I think I dress for. Does my blog count as other women? Haha.

  14. Interesting point- I totally dress for other girls : )
    Love you outfit, the turquoise earrings look lovely.

  15. i usually dress for myself & sometimes for others. love the quote! you also look great in that black dress, girl! :)


  16. i try to dress for myself but i do sometimes dress for other people i have a weakness for caring what people think or what people might say sometimes i wish i had the courage to really wear what i wanted without someone asking what on earth am i wearing great post you look absolutely beautiful!


  17. that really is a pretty dress!!


  18. Hmmmm....this is interesting! Something I've never really thought deeply about. I'd like to think that I dress for all of the above.

    When I shop, I don't think to myself, "I wonder if my boyfriend will like this", however I do base part of my decisions on whether it makes me look appealing and attractive to the sexes (yes, both)!! Ultimately though, I dress for myself because my clothes are a direct reflection of me and my personality!


  19. Wow what awesome dress! Just started following you now. Love your style :)

    Confession time: Most of the days I dress for my boyfriend as he always comliments and i feel the beautifull-est women in the world.

    xo Nav

  20. dress is very nice :)

    thanks for your comment, i am now following you! :) please follow me back :)



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