Colored Skirt & Panther Eyes

Zara shirt & shoes, unknown skirt

These pictures were take really really late at night (well more like timer-taken), when I came back from the birthday reunion to which I wore this outfit (obviously right? jeje)
Anyway, I've worn this shirt before, with a similar look. I think the skirt at the waist & baggy shirt is becoming my staple uniform for going out. Do you have that look that you always go to? 
The skirt I got at a random department store on sale, wuut wuut, consumer satisfaction all the way, especially when you don't expect to really find anything nice. Does this ever happen to you?

Back to blogging after such a long time! Yay!!!!
Next post? Trip! (and a very very meaningful trip...)

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New In: Bimba & Lola Bag!

When I went to Bimba & Lola, I really wasn't looking to buy anything - obviously that didn't happen - 

I must give credit to the sales lady that brought out every bag that was in the store & in storage, until we found the perfect one*. It has a long strap & a short strap, the size is perfect because it fits my laptop but it's still not super large, the color goes with everything & the material is also slightly weatherproof, so I don't have to take extreme care of it...

I also ended up buying a make up bag for my sister - she found a better use of it though since it's now her pencil case 

*I'm very particular about costumer service - it's something I pay very close attention to... do you?


Men Shirts & Pink Pants

Men Lacoste shirt, Zara pants

My dad has great taste is shirts, of which many end up in my closet... like this one :) I usually tend to gravitate to men shirts (I've worn a few in the blog before), I buy many and others I "borrow forever" from my dad, I like their bagginess & patterns, plus they're perfect for that "I-have-nothing-to-wear" moment.
 This one even has a really nice texture where the pink lines are. To finish the look I added my favorite pink jeans. Though I'm no professional stylist, if you're wearing a big/large shirt, balance out the look with straight/skinny pants...

Have a greeeat week ;)   

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