And I forgot the camera

Seriously, these things only happen to  - moi ! My brain doesn't even warn me!

So I get all dressed up to go to lunch with my family to a really good Italian restaurant to finally celebrate my birthday, I take my time getting ready and think: 

"Oh, we're going to a nice place so we can probably take some pictures for the blog." (Does this happen to you, suddenly you start thinking/ analyzing locations as potential outfit photo backgrounds?)

 So anyway, after about an hour of getting dressed and wandering around the house we're ready to leave - camera safely in my purse. We get to the restaurant and decide to take some pictures before sundown, but right when my sister says, "let's go take the pictures" something in my brain just clicked and I answered (gasp!) "oooohhh I forgot the memory stick," my sister just shakes her head from side to side...
What's up with that? I knew I didn't have the memory stick but I realized it two seconds before using the camera... grrr my sis had to take the pics with my phone...
Jonathan Z jumpsuit, Steve Madden sandals

Btw, shhhh, but this is an EORD (exact outfit repetition day) (I'm so witty making acronyms up), something a lazy fashion girl like me always does! When I like the outfit or I already have one figured out that just works or I'm too lazy have no time, I repeat outfits completely, changing perhaps the purse, shoes or jewelry. Do you do this? I actually wore this same outfit about two weeks before for a dinner, but seriously, the bottom and top figured out haha, too easy. 

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I'm such a terrible blogger, so much for my new years resolution huh? Anywhooo as I tweeted earlier, for three days I'm going to a "retreat" so hopefully I'll be back with a review of the place, some outfit posts and  a post on what to pack for short trips (I've been doing my suitcase for the last two hours and I'm still not done) this is just my break time hehe. 

So well, hope everyone's had a great week so far! 

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Some DIY

I found this at a store and I immediately thought it would be a great way to arrange my jewelry. Also, it's so cute, like a mini coat hanger.
Because the wood was just too "bare" I decided to change it up a bit. I bought some gold spray paint, and though I know nothing about them, I thought that a 2-in-1 sounded good enough.

Then spray all over in a organized manner ;)
Note! The spray paint seriously sprays everywhere, even though I covered the area with newspaper, I found gold specks all over my floor. Therefore, if I were to do it again I would choose another painting method or do it an open space.

 Then, let dry, for a looong time.
Afterwards I got all my bracelets and arranged them like this:

I even organized them according to type, my wooden & indian ones, my DIYs, "fancier" ones...
What do think?
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New Year!

Last outfit of 2011 for new years dinner.

I found this dress at a random department store, and I really like the three color division and the bow at the back. 

Picture of the restaurant where we had our nice dinner.

I’m such a wannabe foodie – seriously  - so in honor of that I ordered quail for my last meal of the year, it was actually pretty good, the asparagus was also nice.

Fireworks! At 12 o’clock fireworks were heard all over the city and the view was spectacular. They usually last for about 30 min, and it’s actually a family event to light fireworks. What is it about fireworks that makes them so awesome? Seriously, they’re just so cool to watch. 


Happy New Year!

If I were to describe 2011 with just one word I would say it was a year of change. Great things happened this year, lots of transitions, learning and new experiences. It was a year of lots of growing up. 

Having a blog this year has been a complete discovery, I've had the opportunity to "meet" such wonderful people from all over the world and share with them (you) more than just outfits. This is my little world where I can share my passion for fashion with others. Thank you! And I just hope for an even better 2012 with the blog.

Wishing you an amazing 2012, with lots of love, health, happiness and success!

What are some of your new year resolutions? 
For me they include:
1) Exercising more - well actually it's more like exercise regularly 
2) Blog more often
3) Procrastinate less, get things done, and plan
3) Improve my French so I can get a decent score on the DELF exam.
4) Plan my masters degree - that is decide exactly what I want to specialize on considering I'm still all over the place 
5) Take more risks
6) Stress and worry less

This comes from on of my friends FB status and I think it's a great way to start the year! 
Always believe in your dreams, keep looking forward to the future... to all you might be. Don't let mistakes or misfortunes hold you down. Learn something new everyday. Be interested in others and what they might teach you. Believe in yourself. So long as you are true to the strength within your own heart... You can never go wrong. Happy New Year 2012.

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