Jazz Shoes

Jonathan Z shirt, Zara pants/leggings (au/w 11), zara flats

Again I pull out my semi-pants from Zara, that are so comfortable and match with practically everything. This time I used a shirt I've shown before (here) and my jazz shoes. I love love love these shoes! They're so comfortable and for me, they wouldn't be my usual choice in style. However, they have to be one of my best choices! (Plus, I get lots of compliments)
Hence, the pics, yup got slightly carried away in my dance moves. 

Have you ever bought something you're not very sure about, but end up really liking it afterwards?


21 days to positivity

So I recently discovered TED Talks, and it's like a whole new world! So many interesting presentations, opinions about basically any topic. A friend posted this one on FB and I think it's great. I'm a true believer in positive thinking and positive energy, and that when you think that things couldn't be worse (work, school, friends, etc) you need to start by changing your mindset. Here, he talks about changing the happiness equation in 21 days... what do you think? Willing to give it a try? 


What to wear: Bogotá

Zara dress & tights, Mango boots (au/w 11), Moroccan scarf

Remember a long long time ago I went to Bogotá? Well I rescued some outfit pics from one day. In Bogotá the weather is always cold and rainy, so you can imagine my excitement at being able to wear "winter" clothes. 

These boots are of such pretty leather, very soft, and if it weren't for the melting heat here I would wear them more. The dress has pleats at the bottom, which can't be seen, but they give it a girly and retro vibe. But the key element has to be my leopard tights, which I bought on a whim and I'd never worn before (they were in my closet for months I think), I find the dress and the boots tone the tights down, without making them look terrible or of bad taste. Finally, this scarf is a little treasure, handmade (with a loom of course) in Morocco, a very special gift. 


My Waldorf Salad

So now I'm "obsessed" with cooking - that is: I can't stop watching the Food Network and every other cooking show in different channels. 

It's really cool to try new flavors and experiment in the kitchen. They only problem: having to wash so many pots and pans and spoons and forks. However, I'm trying to be more creative with what I cook, though I can rival my sister. She's amazing. 

This salad, I didn't see it on TV, actually a friend ordered one during lunch one afternoon and thought, hmmm I can totally make that. So a few days later, after buying the ingredients, I did! And it was delicious, the crunchiness of the celery and the sweetness of the raisins...  Plus the colors are so pretty!

Raisins, 2 green apples, 4 celery sticks and lettuce. You can also add walnuts!

Chop the celery, break (don't cut) the lettuce into small pieces, then cut the apples. Mix everything and add as many raisins as you want, the walnuts and a little pepper. Serve and eat right away otherwise the apple will start to turn brown. (To prevent this you can add lemon to the apples).
Makes three servings.  

I think there's a specific dressing for this salad with mayonnaise, but I opted for a honey mustard one. Just mix some a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of mustard.


You're overdressed

Zara skirt (a/w11), Steve Madden heels

Outfit for a birthday reunion. So I arrive and say hellos to people, and suddenly a guy stops me and says, "you're making all of us look bad, look at me I'm just wearing jeans, next time you should tell us what you're going to wear."

I couldn't help but laugh, I knew he was joking, but I thought it was interesting to touch upon that concept of being overdressed or underdressed. I do think about the place I'm going to, and try to dress accordingly, other times I dress according to an outfit I already have on my mind, oohh I'm going to wear that skirt I just bought, or the shirt I haven't worn in a long time. Sometimes I don't "hit the mark" usually being slightly "overdressed."  But do you always have to blend in? Is it OK to wear an outfit that you like and feel comfortable with, but to others you look overdressed? Such was the case for this outfit, I totally liked it, and definitely didn't think I was too dressed up, plus I was so excited to wear my new skirt I got on sale (yay!), the only one left, it's slightly big, but nothing a belt can't fix. What if the dressing average is low, so comparatively you look overdressed? (Sorry math geek here). 
I read in a magazine, Harper's Bazaar actually, while waiting for the doctor, that one sign of elegance is understatement (quoting Claudia Schiffer), but is understatement synonymous of being underdressed? Is it better to be overdressed or underdressed? Ahh the dilemmas of fashion & style hehe.   


Carolina Herrera & White Shirts

This article about the famous signature white shirts Carolina Herrera always wears is very interesting. It's so cool to find that one statement piece that defines your style, that makes you feel confident and that you know fits perfectly. Have you found that signature look?

Read the whole article here 
Source: Vanidades.com


Tie-Dye & Grey

Zara pants (a/w 11), Converse, Bershka shirt

This started out as as "I don't have anything to wear" moment. I just wanted to wear something comfortable, so this means starting the outfit with my Converse. Then I chose these leggings/ pants that I got in Zara and are sooo comfortable. I must add that it really confuses me not knowing where these "pants" fall on the leggings/pants spectrum because they have a zipper and pockets, and are thicker than leggings... I'm rambling but they do confuse me. Finally, this tie-dye shirt I've had for many many years, and the belt for a "dressier" look. The result, I think, is one of my favorites.   

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After a long hiatus, of being totally uninspired and overwhelmed by so many things, I decided to blog once more... I keep complaining I don't have time to blog, but that's not true, I just wasn't feeling like it... In March 2011 my sister and I officially started the blog, and so to decide to blog again, exactly one year after (time flies!!) is pretty significant...it's been such an interesting year, and 2012 will be even better! 

Seeing that I haven't written in the longest time, I'm starting with a writing overload hehe...

So I’d never been to music festivals before, until recently. Three weeks and I’ve already been to two, a jazz one and a “rock” one with a green/ eco-friendly theme.

Anywho the first time I went, I noticed that there is a clear “music festival aesthetic.” I thought that was just the case of festivals in the States or Europe, but it’s present in South America as well, which I found most interesting. So, moi, I went with “ripped jeans” – you know the ones that you buy strategically ripped already, a white shirt and converse. The objective: to be comfortable for this, in case I have to run, it’s kind of my I’m prepared for the worst outfit… first festival, big crowds, anything crazy can happen – yup I’m slightly paranoid.

Festival Attire!


Afterwards, I told my sister I’d been to the festival, very excited because you know I’m being all musically cool and the second thing she asked was, what did you wear? (The first, how was it?)
I answered, and she said, “noo noo, that’s not for a festival.” So, obviously I’m out of the festival-attire loop here.

Two weeks later, when I’m going to the second festival, she asks, “What are you going to wear? Remember to look good.”

To be honest I really don’t have this “festival attire-look” down yet. I think there are people that can totally pull off the look, because it’s part of who they are. Others can make a rough attempt at looking “festival cool.” However, this whole festival outfit aesthetic was very interesting to observe - the second time around I paid careful attention and this is my “what to wear to a music festival and look cool” list:

1)      Jean shorts (ripped if possible) – if they’re high waisted and vintage even better. 
2)      Converse (yaaay for me! Got this one right), no converse? Keds will do.
3)      Roman sandals (though if it’s in grass I don’t know how this could be a good idea – and lots of feet – ouch what if you get stepped on? But just putting it here because I saw many girls with them.)
4)      “Hipster” wide rimmed glasses – even if you don’t need them. I actually saw a group of friends passing the glasses around. Seriously? Seriously.
5)      Very flowy & flowery dresses and shirts.
6)      Midriff  80´s style shirts, very wide & over-sized.
7)      Bat-like shirts.
8)      Open back shirts – definitely a favorite.
9)      Bra showing – good. Will be evident through those 80´s shirts that fall nonchalantly from one shoulder.
10)   Long strap vintage bags that you can conveniently put across your body.  
11)   Panama hats.
12)   Skirts.
13)   White always looks good.
14)   Jewelry: long necklaces, bracelets.
15)   Sunglasses.

So there you have a it, a mix of these pieces and you’re festival ready. I even made my first Polyvore to go with it : D. But actually, this is more like a "note to self” post so that the third time I go to a festival, it'll be the charm hehe.  

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