What to wear: Bogotá

Zara dress & tights, Mango boots (au/w 11), Moroccan scarf

Remember a long long time ago I went to Bogotá? Well I rescued some outfit pics from one day. In Bogotá the weather is always cold and rainy, so you can imagine my excitement at being able to wear "winter" clothes. 

These boots are of such pretty leather, very soft, and if it weren't for the melting heat here I would wear them more. The dress has pleats at the bottom, which can't be seen, but they give it a girly and retro vibe. But the key element has to be my leopard tights, which I bought on a whim and I'd never worn before (they were in my closet for months I think), I find the dress and the boots tone the tights down, without making them look terrible or of bad taste. Finally, this scarf is a little treasure, handmade (with a loom of course) in Morocco, a very special gift. 


  1. Love your tights! Such a classy and fun accessory! :)

  2. Wish I could see your scarf better, sounds exciting! :)

    Lovely travel look, comfy and chic! Does it really always rain in Bogotá? Wow!


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