Bogotá Part 1

At the beginning of November, I traveled to Bogota, Colombia. Considering it's a neighboring country, I'd never been before. So I went to the capital, Bogotá, located 2600 m above sea level - this means that the first night you get the most awful headache and you feel like you're in slow motion - afterwards, you can enjoy the city! 

My favorite part: the weather! It was around 16-18°C. I live in a country with no winter, so I went all out on the fall attire here! (Yay!) And interestingly, this weather is around all year round, but I think that would be too much for me. 

I ate so much (I tried every fruit juice possible), visited many parts of the city which is so different from my own, all the way from the weather to the accent and character of the people, and bought some interesting leather goods (purses!) 

Now on to the pictures: 
1) Plaza Bolívar in La Candelaria, small family restaurants (why is it that these small hidden restaurants always have the best food?), and a street sign (Bogotá is a big square where all horizontal streets are called Carreras and vertical streets Calles and they're all numbered - don't get me started on the direction system in Venezuela).
2) Catedral Primada in the Plaza Bolívar (La Candelaria). The pigeons are everywhere and actually if you're quiet you can hear a big chorus of coos fill up the whole square - very cool. 
3) The inside of the Catedral Primada, Botero museum (well actually it's more like a Botero sculpture in the Botero museaum), El Retiro (the posh zone in Bogotá where all the cool stores/people and places are).
Birthday on Friday! Yaayyy


Playing with the sun

Zara shirt, pants, flats 

I think this is one of my favorite outfits because of the mix in fabrics, I've actually posted this shirt before and the pants are from my summer sales stock. The shirt is the one that I go to when "I have nothing to wear" and I've never really worn it in a different way except the "way it's supposed to" so I felt very proud (yay for me!) when I tried a different way to wear the shirt, and it shows how for people who are not so adventurous with trying different outfit combinations (me!) things we generally wouldn't put together can actually work.   

Creo que este es uno de mis outfits favoritos, por la mezcla de materiales. La camisa ya la habia mostrado y los pantalones son de mis compras durante las ofertas de verano. Esta camisa la uso mucho, especialmente cuado no tengo "nada que ponerme" y por lo general me la pongo de una sola manera. Entonces, para mi fue muy divertido intentar hacer otra combinación y con pantalones distintos. 

Hope you have a great week!!
Birthday coming up: This Friday!! : D


New In!

So this is what happens when you just go "window shopping":
You pass in front of a store, look at the mannequins, then you go in, "just to look" - you end up seeing something you like, then you try it on "just to see how it fits" and "just for fun." 

Then you really like how they look, and you also look at the price and think "hmm not expensive at all" and you also think "hmm I've been looking for something like this..." and then before you know it, you've fallen into the trap: 
You bought something else! 

Yeah so this is exactly what happened to me, went to the store "just to look" - Though to be completely honest I already had a reason to go into the store to buy something very specific, and then I come out of with a new pair of Steve Madden sandals...yup consumerism is killing me!

At least they're pretty right?
Does this also happen to you?


Peacock Feathers


Sooo, it's a long time! I'm so busy, I keep complaining I don't have time to blog, but the truth is that if I really wanted to blog, then I would, so therefore I dug out a bunch of pictures and I'm ready to blog again, because I still love fashion! 
For this outfit I opted for something that's becoming one of my signature pieces: colored jeans! J'adore. These really bright orange pants - trust me they are really bright! I decided to tone them done a bit with a little black and a shirt that kind of looks like peacock feathers, plus I can play with it and show a little shoulder. Oh and the shoes, another great sales find in Zara! 

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