Playing with the sun

Zara shirt, pants, flats 

I think this is one of my favorite outfits because of the mix in fabrics, I've actually posted this shirt before and the pants are from my summer sales stock. The shirt is the one that I go to when "I have nothing to wear" and I've never really worn it in a different way except the "way it's supposed to" so I felt very proud (yay for me!) when I tried a different way to wear the shirt, and it shows how for people who are not so adventurous with trying different outfit combinations (me!) things we generally wouldn't put together can actually work.   

Creo que este es uno de mis outfits favoritos, por la mezcla de materiales. La camisa ya la habia mostrado y los pantalones son de mis compras durante las ofertas de verano. Esta camisa la uso mucho, especialmente cuado no tengo "nada que ponerme" y por lo general me la pongo de una sola manera. Entonces, para mi fue muy divertido intentar hacer otra combinación y con pantalones distintos. 

Hope you have a great week!!
Birthday coming up: This Friday!! : D


  1. Love how the sun melts in these pictures!

    Really like the outfit too, so casually chic! The ribbon is a great touch!

    Happy birthday in advance, Darling! :)

  2. That's such a cute casual outfit!

  3. Do you know how ridiculous I would look in this outfit?! How come you can make it work? Haha. Our birthdays are super close together, too. Mine's December 11.


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