Peacock Feathers


Sooo, it's a long time! I'm so busy, I keep complaining I don't have time to blog, but the truth is that if I really wanted to blog, then I would, so therefore I dug out a bunch of pictures and I'm ready to blog again, because I still love fashion! 
For this outfit I opted for something that's becoming one of my signature pieces: colored jeans! J'adore. These really bright orange pants - trust me they are really bright! I decided to tone them done a bit with a little black and a shirt that kind of looks like peacock feathers, plus I can play with it and show a little shoulder. Oh and the shoes, another great sales find in Zara! 


  1. love the colored jeans ! you mixed it perfectly with that top! I like it.



  2. Love the bright pants- they're so fun and the top you paired with it is killer :) :)

    I'm glad you're back and hope everything is going well!

  3. Heyyy! Nice to see you again! :) Missed you around! :)

    Loving the peacock-coloured top, such a lovely retro pattern! It's great you updated it with the bright skinnies!

    Definitely read Murakami, in my top 3 favourite writers! My favourite book from him is the Wind-up Bird Chorinicles. (It's one of the longest of his books though.) Hugely addictive!

  4. Hooray! I missed your bright clothes--no one else I know owns as many brightly colored pants as me, hehe. Also, that top is AWESOME. Stop making me want a Zara around here.

  5. This outfit is so pretty, love the colored jeans and beautiful top!

  6. You look GREAT! :) Good to have you around again. Those red pants rock!!!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment, cute outfit :D!


  8. You look GREAT! :D
    Im so glad you're back, please don't go missing again! Miss seeing your lovely face :D



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