Cool Graffiti

 I decided to be a "cool" blogger, and had my mom (how great is that?!) take my photos in front of some graffiti, since, you know, most fashion bloggers have an outfit post with graffiti in the background. 
The designs on the wall are actually pretty cool too. I'm very interested in urban art (though whether or not this falls into that category is debatable), but more about that on another post. 
Anyway, this is me doing "cool" poses in front of cool graffiti. Because that's what cool fashion bloggers do. Right?

Cualquier bloguera "cool" tiene unas fotos de sus outfits frente a una pared llena de graffitis, entonces decidí formar parte del grupo y decirle a mi mamá (tan bella!) que me tomara las fotos frente a esta pared. En realidad, los diseños son bastante interesantes. Y como me encanta el arte urbano también aprecio estos diseños. 
 I don't know the name of this tree but the smell of the flower is so so sweet, also heavy and lingers for a really long time. 

No se el nombre de este árbol pero su flor huele muy muy dulce, también es una esencia pesada y que dura por mucho tiempo. 

 Cool poses

 "Let's pretend I'm walking ok?" I tell my mom, "so take some pictures" and she says, "Ok." Then I just kind of march in slow motion, in front of the wall. The result: me obviously pretending to walk.
I'm a terrible walk pretender, but that's what cool bloggers do in front of graffiti no? Nonchalantly walk by? I just didn't quite master it hehe. 
I got this shirt on sale and I really like it!! I like the fabric and the design, getting lots of consumer satisfaction out of this purchase. I'd been looking for a light jean top for a long time, until I found this one,  and it has become a go-to piece in my closet. Oh and I wore this outfit for sushi with one of my best friends. 

Compré esta franela en descuento, y de verdad me encanta el diseño y el estampado también. El top de jean se ha convertido en una pieza que uso regularmente porque es súper combinable. Use el outfit para ir a comer sushi con una de mis mejores amigas. 
 Ah yes, I'm doubly cool now. Cool pose: leg on the wall, looking down, two rings and my Candy Bag, in front of a graffiti wall. No, make that, triply cool!

   Now I'm not cool anymore, this is me just being silly, and following my mom's instructions on how to hold the purse. In my arms? Like this?

Zara flats, Candy Bag, Bongo jeans, Thrifted jean shirt

Have you seen The Princess and the Frog?? I saw it this weekend (yeah, I'm late late!) but I loved it!!!
I think with this last pic I can rest my case, I'm just super cool!
Han visto la Princesa y el Sapo? Yo recién la vi este fin de semana y me ha encantado!!
On to the next blog photograph cliché hehe, suggestions?

Thanks for visiting!! :D
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Keith Haring Drawings

It's been about a week since my last post, I've been super busy, and something great happened (which I will show you soon), so I've basically had little blogging time, but now (hopefully) I'm back yay! 

Hace más de una semana que no actualizo el blog, y es que he estado super ocupada y he tenido muy poco tiempo disponible. Pero, espero ahora actualizar más regularmente yay!

I have a photo overload because there were many many photos I liked, luckily my sister was inspired. And she was also my stylist. In some pictures my sleeves are rolled up because my sister thought it looked better, I agree hehe. 

Hay muchas fotos porque mi hermana tomó muchas que me gustaron. Además fue mi estilista ya que en unas fotos tengo las mangas remangadas, fue su idea, dijo que se veía mejor así, y estoy de acuerdo. 

Also, I’m wearing a men’s shirt, and when I saw it I liked it so much I had to buy it (how cool is the heart?), I’m a big Keith Haring fan and I also like that it’s a “simple” white shirt that can go with anything. Plus I have absolutely no problem wearing men's clothes hehe. I finished the look with bright blue pants, my Candy Bag for an extra pop of color and these flats that I really like (and should wear more often) because they have a little strawberry on the side. 

Llevo puesta una franela de hombre hehe, pero es que cuando la ví me encanto! Soy fan de Keith Haring, y pienso que la franela es muy combinable además que el diseño es genial (el corazón tiene las figuritas famosas de Haring). Terminé el look con pantalones azules, mi Candy Bag para darle aún más color y unos flats que me encantan porque tienen una fresita como parte del diseño. 
The sun was so bright I could barely keep my eyes open to look at the camera, but my sister kept telling me models do it and they don't complain, so "you can do it too." Hmm, later we found out there are people that block the sun for models, so there goes me thinking I was stoic as a model. 
Furla Candy Bag, Zara (men) shirt, Zara pants, Chinese Laundry flats


Vintage Blue Lace Jacket

 Zara heels(ss 11), United Colors of Benetton jeans, Old Navy tank top, Thrifted lace jacket
I wish I could be like Hollywood actresses that can walk around comfortably with very low cut tops, because without the white shirt, the jacket looks even better, the problem would be at the front. We decided to take this picture anyway to show the full potential of the jacket.
        Me gustaría ser como las actrices de Hollywood que pueden ponerse chaquetas con escotes gigantes, ya que como se puede ver en la foto, sin la franela de abajo la chaqueta se ve mucho más linda. Aunque no la usé así, decidimos tomar esta foto para mostrar todo el potencial de la chaqueta.

You know what’s great? When you find something in your closet you forgot you owned! Example: This lace jacket. It’s thrifted, and it’s so awesome! I remember when I tried it on I didn’t notice the lace in the back, when my sister pointed it out, I knew it had to be mine. Anyway, I was looking in my closet for another jacket and found this one instead, and I remember thinking, “Oh, it’s so pretty, I should wear it.” So I pulled it out and hung it outside my closet, so I could remember it was there (you know, by actually seeing it). Does this also happen to you? If it’s actually visible you’re more likely to wear it?
However it hung outside my closet for a couple of days because I wasn’t too sure what to wear it with, when suddenly, an all white look seemed perfect. I added my super green heels for an extra pop of color.
       Saben que es buenísimo? Encontrar algo en nuestro closet que se nos había olvidado teníamos! Por ejemplo, esta chaqueta. De hecho cuando me la probé no me di cuenta del detalle en encaje de la parte de atrás, cuando mi hermana me dijo, supe que la tenía que comprar. El caso es que estaba buscando en mi closet otra chaqueta cuando de repente la vi y me dije, “es tan linda, me la debería poner.” Luego la saqué y la colgué afuera, para así acordarme de ponérmela.
Sin embargo, estuvo colgada afuera del closet por unos cuantos días, mientras decidía con que combinarla. Hasta que por fin, un look completamente blanco me pareció la mejor opción. Terminé añadiendo mis tacones verdes para darle un poco más de color.  

 It was a nightmare walking in this floor, I kept tripping into the little divisions and was pretty close to falling a few times (the photo at the left shows me really concentrating not to fall hehe). However I had to follow the photographer’s orders (my sister) and stand in front of a gate.
Fue horrible caminar en este piso. Mis tacones se metían en los huequitos a cada rato, y hasta hubo momentos cuando casi me caigo! Pero ni modo, tenía que seguir las instrucciones de la fotógrafa!
Thanks for visiting!! Have a great weekend! ;)
Gracias por visitar!! Espero tengan un excelente fin de semana ;)
Lace | Everybody, Everywear


Sunny Tree

First of all, I’m very proud of myself for two reasons.
1)     I learned how to resize photos (yay!)
2)   I’m posting a look from yesterday (I usually take much longer to actually transfer the pics to my computer and then upload them to the blog) (double yay!)

Estoy muy orgullosa se mí misma por dos razones.
1)     Aprendí como cambiar el tamaño de las fotos (yay!)
2)     Estoy poniendo un look de ayer (generalmente me demoro mucho en bajar las fotos y luego subirlas al blog) (doble yay!)

Yesterday was a special day in college, we had to go sign some papers and a photographer was going to take our pictures at that moment, so we had to look nice. My outfit might be considered everyday attire in other countries, maybe normal for college, but not here. College outfits are usually jeans, nice shirts & flats and then at night girls go all out. So wearing a dress to college was slightly weird. The background is my university hehe, we have this huge monkey-pod tree in the middle of campus, and it’s a symbol of our college identity. One of my best friends took these pictures, and we had lots of fun during the day. I’m wearing a Zara dress I got in December, my go-to flats, and I decided to add a belt for a detailed waist.

Ayer fue un día especial en la Universidad pues debíamos ir a firmar unos documentos y un fotógrafo iba a tomarnos unas fotos en ese momento. Por lo tanto, teníamos que ir bien vestidas. Mi outfit puede considerarse normal para un día en la universidad en otros países, pero aquí no lo es tanto. Generalmente en la univerisidad vestimos con jeans, una franela bonita y flats, luego es en la noche cuando nos arreglamos más. Entonces ponerme un vestido para la uni fue un poco raro. El fondo es la universidad jeje, hay un árbol grandísimo que es símbolo de nuestra identidad universitaria, y me encanta. La fotos las tomó una de mis mejores amigas, y en realidad, la pasamos super bien este martes. Llevo un vestido de Zara que compré en diciembre, los flats que siempre me sacan de apuros y una correa para darle un poquito más de color al look y acentuar la cintura.   

Choosing the outfit probably took a few hours. I emptied all of my closet, my mom and sister were helping me pick out outfits. Anywho, it was taking foreeever, and I started thinking, this is only for girls, guys just have to choose the shade of beige of their pants and whether or not to wear a plain or striped shirt. Seriously, guys have it way too easy! We finally opted for the dress because it was both casual but also dressy for the occasion.
Seleccionar el outfit tomó unas mil horas. Vacié todo mi closet, y mi mamá y hermana me ayudaron a elegir que ponerme. De verdad que me demoré mucho, nada me gustaba o terminaba de convencer, y optamos por este look porque es casual pero también lo suficientemente elegante para la ocasión. 

I think this is a funny picture, my friend kept telling me to look into the distance, and since I didn't understand, she stuck her hand out to indicate where I should look. The result: my confused face/ blank stare.

Zara dress, Jessica Simpson flats, vintage Gianfranco Ferré belt 
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Midnight Outings

Leggings are not pants.

Now I’ve had this discussion with my sister various times, and also with Kristie since she was wearing  really cool leggings in some posts.

In college, during the recent leggings boom, some girls wore leggings wonderfully, very cool long shirts, or under skirts, however, most, unfortunately didn’t. Leggings suddenly became pants; they were worn with short shirts and, let me tell you, they’re tight and stretchy and do show all of your body. So, it’s like walking around in tights, only wintery thick ones. Seeing the pics, I don’t think I even look that fantastic. Anyway I felt like experimenting with my clothes…  

I bought these leggings some time ago, they were cheap and I thought to myself maybe you’ll figure out what to wear it with. Well, after digging through my closet (and my sister’s) I came up with this look. I think the length of the shirt and also its bagginess, plus the actual material of the leggings, make for an all right combination, even by breaking the leggings are not pants rule. (Hopefully!) (It would really suck if it didn’t because I already wore it haha).

I decided to finish the look with my favorite jacket (and it’s thrifted!), to make it a little dressier. I’m also thinking "I’m so cool and got the whole jacket look down" but only one of the sleeves is pushed up... oooh dear...
 Old navy shirt (sister's hehe), Steve Madden heels, Thrifted jacket
So what are the best ways to wear leggings?
Cual es la mejor manera de usar leggings?

Gracias por visitar!!
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Dorothy Shoes

You know what I really really like? Sales! I got these Stuart Weitzman shoes for the most amazing price. Yes, there's this satisfaction you get when you buy something for a lot less than the price you originally thought (recalling my econ knowledge I believe this is called consumer satisfaction). Actually, for the original price I would've never bought them. Of course these are a few seasons old, I believe from the Balmain season (remember?), where everything was rock n' roll and black with studs and leather. They're super tall but so awesome, they're edgy yet elegant. Perfect!

Saben que me gusta muchísimo? Las rebajas! Compré estos zapatos de Stuart Weitzman por un precio increible. De verdad que hay una satisfación al comprar algo con un precio muy por debajo del que pensabas pagar (si no me equivoco eso se llama satisfación del consumidor). De hecho, al precio original no lo hubiese comprado. Por supuesto que ya son de hace unas cuantas temporadas, creo que es de la temporada de Balmain (se acuerdan?), cuando todo era negro con tachuelas y cuero. Son altísimos pero bellos. Son perfectos!!

Thank you so much for the comments on the previous post, it was very interesting to read your thoughts on the subject. I guess in the end we wear what we like and feel comfortable with but at the same time but it's hard to ignore that other factors can influence our decisions as well. 

On another note...

Super sweet Arty-Heart (with the most beautiful hair) recently gifted me with this award:

Lovely and creative Nina Holland (her writing is fantastic) gifted me with this one:

Yay!! Thank you so much for thinking of me, it means a lot, and it’s also really cool to meet wonderful people through blogging (as cheesy as it sounds) I truly truly mean it.

So the rules are that I have to state 7 things about myself for the “Stylish” award and 10 for the “Adorable” one, then tag other people (tell them about it), and also name the person who tagged me so here it goes:
  • 1)  I love cheesecake. That’s the dessert I always order (and evaluate after- as if I were an Iron Chef judge).
  • 2)   I think the worst feeling is regret.
  • 3)   I used to play tennis (and was fairly good at it too.)
  • 4)   I HATE worms, they gross me out. Any other insect or animal is fine, but big fat goopy worms are awful.
  • 5)   I’m very very clumsy.
  • 6)   I procrastinate a lot.
  • 7)   I prefer cats over dogs.
  • 8)   Singing in the Rain is one of my favorite movies.
  • 9)   I tend to lose misplace things often.
  • 10) My favorite color is turquoise. 
For the Stylish Blog Award I tag, Alicia, Kristie, Gretchen, Sarah, Madeline and Nina.
For the Adorable Blog Award I tag Selma, Kate and Pranita.

With absolutely no pressure to do it. Oh and if anyone else would like the awards no problem, just follow the rules ;) so the circle continues. 

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