Keith Haring Drawings

It's been about a week since my last post, I've been super busy, and something great happened (which I will show you soon), so I've basically had little blogging time, but now (hopefully) I'm back yay! 

Hace más de una semana que no actualizo el blog, y es que he estado super ocupada y he tenido muy poco tiempo disponible. Pero, espero ahora actualizar más regularmente yay!

I have a photo overload because there were many many photos I liked, luckily my sister was inspired. And she was also my stylist. In some pictures my sleeves are rolled up because my sister thought it looked better, I agree hehe. 

Hay muchas fotos porque mi hermana tomó muchas que me gustaron. Además fue mi estilista ya que en unas fotos tengo las mangas remangadas, fue su idea, dijo que se veía mejor así, y estoy de acuerdo. 

Also, I’m wearing a men’s shirt, and when I saw it I liked it so much I had to buy it (how cool is the heart?), I’m a big Keith Haring fan and I also like that it’s a “simple” white shirt that can go with anything. Plus I have absolutely no problem wearing men's clothes hehe. I finished the look with bright blue pants, my Candy Bag for an extra pop of color and these flats that I really like (and should wear more often) because they have a little strawberry on the side. 

Llevo puesta una franela de hombre hehe, pero es que cuando la ví me encanto! Soy fan de Keith Haring, y pienso que la franela es muy combinable además que el diseño es genial (el corazón tiene las figuritas famosas de Haring). Terminé el look con pantalones azules, mi Candy Bag para darle aún más color y unos flats que me encantan porque tienen una fresita como parte del diseño. 
The sun was so bright I could barely keep my eyes open to look at the camera, but my sister kept telling me models do it and they don't complain, so "you can do it too." Hmm, later we found out there are people that block the sun for models, so there goes me thinking I was stoic as a model. 
Furla Candy Bag, Zara (men) shirt, Zara pants, Chinese Laundry flats


  1. I'm completely obsessed with this look! The bright colors of the pants and the Candy bag are fabulous and so are the red lips and cute ballerinas :)

    Can't wait to hear the good news too :) :)


  2. Keith Haring is soooo cool! A great look, I love the colour of the trousers and the cute flats!

    I'm really looking forward to finding out about your great news!!! :)

  3. I love everything! Those pants are so adorable & the tshirt too! I like the bag but I love those flats the most! Strawberriesss!! <3 :D
    You look adorable! :)


  4. You look very cute, and hey, there is nothing wrong with wearing men's clothes, I do it all the time! I personally find that men's t-shirts and knitwear are cut better than women's (none of that awkward cut-into-shape business) and the materials often seem nicer, too.

    The red/orange bag looks delicious next to the blue pants!

  5. Those pants. *crushcrush*



  6. Me wants candy bag for my birthday!!!! Which is of course impossible bcoz its just 2 days away :/

    I love the contrast between your pants and the bag... your sister is a great photographer. and this just goes on to show that you are better than those models ;)

  7. how I wish I lived next to a Zara, I love those pants very cute.

  8. Love your flats (with that cute strawberry!!! Perfect touch) and blue pants! :)

    Have a great day.


  9. cool shirt and the flats are soo cute! following you now...hope you can drop by blog again soon! -Cheryl :)

  10. lovely bright outfit!! u look fabulous!


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