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First of all, I’m very proud of myself for two reasons.
1)     I learned how to resize photos (yay!)
2)   I’m posting a look from yesterday (I usually take much longer to actually transfer the pics to my computer and then upload them to the blog) (double yay!)

Estoy muy orgullosa se mí misma por dos razones.
1)     Aprendí como cambiar el tamaño de las fotos (yay!)
2)     Estoy poniendo un look de ayer (generalmente me demoro mucho en bajar las fotos y luego subirlas al blog) (doble yay!)

Yesterday was a special day in college, we had to go sign some papers and a photographer was going to take our pictures at that moment, so we had to look nice. My outfit might be considered everyday attire in other countries, maybe normal for college, but not here. College outfits are usually jeans, nice shirts & flats and then at night girls go all out. So wearing a dress to college was slightly weird. The background is my university hehe, we have this huge monkey-pod tree in the middle of campus, and it’s a symbol of our college identity. One of my best friends took these pictures, and we had lots of fun during the day. I’m wearing a Zara dress I got in December, my go-to flats, and I decided to add a belt for a detailed waist.

Ayer fue un día especial en la Universidad pues debíamos ir a firmar unos documentos y un fotógrafo iba a tomarnos unas fotos en ese momento. Por lo tanto, teníamos que ir bien vestidas. Mi outfit puede considerarse normal para un día en la universidad en otros países, pero aquí no lo es tanto. Generalmente en la univerisidad vestimos con jeans, una franela bonita y flats, luego es en la noche cuando nos arreglamos más. Entonces ponerme un vestido para la uni fue un poco raro. El fondo es la universidad jeje, hay un árbol grandísimo que es símbolo de nuestra identidad universitaria, y me encanta. La fotos las tomó una de mis mejores amigas, y en realidad, la pasamos super bien este martes. Llevo un vestido de Zara que compré en diciembre, los flats que siempre me sacan de apuros y una correa para darle un poquito más de color al look y acentuar la cintura.   

Choosing the outfit probably took a few hours. I emptied all of my closet, my mom and sister were helping me pick out outfits. Anywho, it was taking foreeever, and I started thinking, this is only for girls, guys just have to choose the shade of beige of their pants and whether or not to wear a plain or striped shirt. Seriously, guys have it way too easy! We finally opted for the dress because it was both casual but also dressy for the occasion.
Seleccionar el outfit tomó unas mil horas. Vacié todo mi closet, y mi mamá y hermana me ayudaron a elegir que ponerme. De verdad que me demoré mucho, nada me gustaba o terminaba de convencer, y optamos por este look porque es casual pero también lo suficientemente elegante para la ocasión. 

I think this is a funny picture, my friend kept telling me to look into the distance, and since I didn't understand, she stuck her hand out to indicate where I should look. The result: my confused face/ blank stare.

Zara dress, Jessica Simpson flats, vintage Gianfranco Ferré belt 
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  1. hahaha, love the last picture, i still think you looks pretty! nice dress :)


  2. nice dress... looking pretty :) Yea even i could never wear dresses or skirts to college... Strict dress code!

  3. Congrats on the picture issues! And the signing day! :)
    You dressed perfectly for the occassion I think! Nothing beats dresses clinched at the waist! :)

  4. Whattay dress! :O
    *crush crush crush*

  5. Haha your description of the last picture made me giggle. That's a really impressive tree! And super cute dress. Haha I dress up for class too. There are some girls in my university that do that, but not too many. But I like to look different. :)

  6. Sweet and simple!!! Love your nail color too!!!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  7. It's funny because I almost never go out in just jeans and a shirt. Seems like there are some significant differences, hmm? At any rate, you look very nice and standing on picnic tables is cool.

  8. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  9. Pretty dress!!!

    -Cris xoxo


  10. Such a pretty dress
    You must have had the best photo day ever! All of mine have been absolutely disastrous


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