And I forgot the camera

Seriously, these things only happen to  - moi ! My brain doesn't even warn me!

So I get all dressed up to go to lunch with my family to a really good Italian restaurant to finally celebrate my birthday, I take my time getting ready and think: 

"Oh, we're going to a nice place so we can probably take some pictures for the blog." (Does this happen to you, suddenly you start thinking/ analyzing locations as potential outfit photo backgrounds?)

 So anyway, after about an hour of getting dressed and wandering around the house we're ready to leave - camera safely in my purse. We get to the restaurant and decide to take some pictures before sundown, but right when my sister says, "let's go take the pictures" something in my brain just clicked and I answered (gasp!) "oooohhh I forgot the memory stick," my sister just shakes her head from side to side...
What's up with that? I knew I didn't have the memory stick but I realized it two seconds before using the camera... grrr my sis had to take the pics with my phone...
Jonathan Z jumpsuit, Steve Madden sandals

Btw, shhhh, but this is an EORD (exact outfit repetition day) (I'm so witty making acronyms up), something a lazy fashion girl like me always does! When I like the outfit or I already have one figured out that just works or I'm too lazy have no time, I repeat outfits completely, changing perhaps the purse, shoes or jewelry. Do you do this? I actually wore this same outfit about two weeks before for a dinner, but seriously, the bottom and top figured out haha, too easy. 

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  1. It happens so often - I realise I'm wearing a pretty outfit & then the camera is somewhere else entirely!

    But your outfit is so apt for spring - I love the floral jumpsuit!


  2. Really, it happens sometimes. just forget to taking out the key from ur car and it is locked inside. Oh boy, again, I did it several times. So it happens. Onething I must say that u re looking gorgeous as always.
    Take care.

  3. This setting is gorgeous enough! Wish I could take outfit pics by the sea! :)
    Love the jumpsuit and the sandals! :)

    1. Hi Madeline! Right, the background is so pretty! That's why I needed the camera, not really for my outfit, but rather for the sea jeje :)

  4. Aw! That's okay, the pictures look great though! :)


  5. Such a pretty dress..do you want to follow each other?

  6. I don't know... where my comment went that I know I wrote. ANYWAY... Se me olvidan las cosas que necesito casi cada día. Eres hermosísima como siempre. (:


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