Panther T-shirt & Flowered Skirt

I was originally going to wear/ buy this outfit. I'd been eyeing this Zara skirt, and when I saw it on sale I thought, yay let's buy it. The panther shirt I looove, just because I really like cats - a lot. I thought the clash of colors was cool, the mix of edgy/girly as well. I think I'm working on the pattern mixing/clashing trend. Anywho, unfortunately as I was checking the skirt (always check your clothes before you buy them) I noticed that the fabric was torn, and unlike say a zipper or a stain, that can't be fixed. Soo boo no skirt, but I did buy the shirt!

 Later that day, as we were getting ready to go to dinner (to this really weird) Mexican restaurant, I pulled out my new shirt and a similar skirt, which I think also looks pretty nice. I'm also a big fan of high waisted skirts. Again there's a common line of black, but the mix of patterns makes the outfit different (I hope).
Zara shirt, Steve Madden shoes, Skirt (?)
Originalmente iba a usar / comprar este outfit (primera foto). Le habia seguido la pista a la falda en Zara, y cuando la vi en las rebajas pensé que la podía comprar. La franela de pantera me encanta, simplemente porque me gustan mucho los gatos. Pensé además que el constrate entre los colores y estilos sería interesante. Una mezcla entre edgy y femenino. Sin embargo, al revisar la ropa antes de comprarla (siempre hay que revisar antes de comprar) me di cuenta que la falta estaba rota. Entonces no la pude compar, pero la camisa sí! 

Más tarde en el día cuando me estaba arreglando para ir a cenar a un restaurante Méxicano super extraño, saqué mi nueva camisa y una falta de un corte similiar a la de Zara. Creo que el resultado es bastante bueno, ya que se mantiene el contraste. Existe una línea común de negro, pero la mezcla de la combinación hace que sea diferente (espero). 

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  1. Ahhhh- I'm dying over your panther t-shirt! It looks like something I could find at Urban Outfitters (since unfortunately there aren't any ZARA's around my area...)
    I also love how you paired the outfit with simple, black pumps- so classic and chic.


    p.s. I love how your phone case matched the skirt... totally a fashion blogger thing :) :)

  2. lovely outfit and photos!! i adore your skirt <3

  3. lovely outfit and photos!! i adore your skirt <3

  4. lovely outfit and photos!! i adore your skirt <3

  5. I love animal shirts!! Mostly wolves though, I'm obsessed. Great find. Love the outfit. :)

    <3, V


  6. Love the combination! As a cat lady myself I know the allure of felines. :) And high-waisted skirts are the best trend since years!
    Lovely outift! :)

  7. what a nice blog! i like these outfits! very stylish! thanks so much for your lovely comment- i like your blog so much, so you have a new member :-) if you like my blog too, i would be very happy if you follow me back?! check out my new post. have a nice day, lovely greets-maren anita


  8. I think the skirt you've worn is waaaay better than THAT SKIRT.
    How I wish I could raid your wardrobe. No really *dreamy eyes*

    On a completely unrelated note, I love your phone. :D


  9. That's too bad about the orange skirt, but I actually like the skirt you paired with the panther tee even better. It's just perfect!

  10. Cool shirt!


  11. I'm almost too tired to write even in English, so forgive the short comment. I like the new version you made with your own skirt almost more than the one you were originally planning on. Also, our animal shirts can be friends, now. Good luck on your mixing goals: it is hard, I'm not so good at it, either.

  12. SO PRETTY! I see silky long hair! (did the oil help? :D) and lovely glowing skin!
    so so so pretty! :)


  13. YOU look pretty as always! Absolutely love the skirt and tee combo! :)
    Even I cant resist adding a lil bit of black to every outfit i wear!

  14. thanks so much for your comment, honey! yes, my paul (mccartney) is so adorable and so pretty- love him ;-) have a nice weekend!
    lovely greets!


  15. great outfit, you look gorgeous ! <3

  16. super cute skirt! love the print, matches your phone :)


  17. That orange skirt is my favourite! so beautiful.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking blogger bullying

  18. I remember that zara skirt! It was also on sale here, too bad i dont have their size anymore! :(



  19. Awwh, too bad you couldn't buy that skirt. Love the clash of orange on the floral. :) Looking nice as usual though. The shirt is cool!

  20. Such a great outfit, I love the clash
    I hate it when clothes are ruined or damaged before you buy them :(

  21. Hey hun thanks for visiting my blog and glad you enjoyed it :) I like your floral skirt it looks good on you :) By the way I just followed you and feel free to follow me back oxox I look forward to your next post :)

    Marj Travel Experiences

    Frenchie Paris Design Fashionista

  22. Love this top!!



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