The Hat

This shirt is another purchase from Zara (sales), I really liked the color and the little ruffles at the front add a nice detail. I usually always carry a sweater with me, and I like to wear it around my shoulders for for an extra "vintagey" feel. Also, it's very practical considering I tend to lose/forget things so this way the sweater stays with me. I don't know if it's in or not, but it's something that's been done for so many many years, that I really like, it kind of has a timeless feeling to it.  

Esta camisa es otra de mis compras de Zara (en rebajas), me encató el color y el detalle al frente. Generalmente, siempre tengo un sweater conmigo, y me gusta llevarlo alrededor de mis hombros, para darle un toque un poco más retro. Además, es súper práctico porque generalmente pierdo las cosas, así garantizo que el sweater siempre está conmigo. No sé si está de moda ponerse el sweater en los hombros, pero es algo que se ha hecho por tanto tiempo, que ya es atemporal, y por lo tanto me encanta.  

My sister & I had been looking for a hat like this one for the longest time, until we found the perfect one and decided to finally buy it (50/50) hehe. I'm not very much of a hat person, though I do like baseball caps (for sun protection), but I find that wearing a hat takes some character. It's different, because it's an accessory that makes a big statement. Maybe it's just me, because I'm not used to it, but it also becomes an extra element of the outfit, that attracts a lot of attention. Guess, I'll have to wear it some more and then come back with a detailed analysis. 

Mi hermana y yo estuvimos buscando un sombrero así por muchísimo tiempo, creo que hasta años. Por fin encontramos el perfecto y decidimos comprarlo entre las dos (50/50) jeje. En realidad no soy de usar muchos sombreros, solamente cachucas (para protejerme del sol), pero encuentro que llevar este tipo de sombrero requiere de cierto carácter. Tal vez soy yo, pero este accesorio también se convierte en un elemento de tu outfit, que puede llegar a llamar mucho la atención. 

I'm pretending to be cool trying to do some hat tricks hehe. Though this one turned out pretty well! So, we can also conclude that hats are not only a cool accessory but can also be entertaining. And that they uncover hidden talents!

Aquí estoy jugando, haciendo unos truquitos con el sombrero que en realidad me salieron bastante bien! Entonces, podemos concluir que los sombreros no sólo son un accesorio interesante pero que también son entretenidos. 
Toodles! Chao!
Jessica Simpson flats, Zara shirt (ss11) & sweater 

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  1. I never know how I feel about hats because I think I look ridiculous but other people tend to disagree. You, by the way, can totally pull that hat off.

    I'm trying to think if there is anything I've been looking for for years. Nothing comes to mind. And I sure as heck know my sister and I could never share joint custody over an accessory, haha!

  2. hola! me encanta el look! camisa de cuadros + sombrero nunca falla! te sigo! sigueme en http://sugarlaneblog.blogspot.com/

  3. I need to get used to wearing a hat too. Or more like, find a hat first that fits me nicely!

    You look great, lovely summer look!

  4. I think when a hat fits your outfit - like here - it melts in very nicely and people would only stare because they think you look great. :)

    I can't imagine buying something shared with my sister! But she borrows all my stuff anyway, so maybe I'd be better off if I did. :)

  5. ei :) No conocía tu blog, pero desde hoy me pasaré a menudo y te seguiré :)

    Del post de las nuevas adquisiciones hay bastantes cosas monas :) Y de este, me quedo con la camisa de cuadros que siempre son un must :)

    Besos desde

  6. Precioso look, el gorro le da un toque perfecto

  7. Looking very cute! I have a 'thing' for hats... I have a huge collection which i hardly wear! But i cant resist buying hats.. i just love them!

    Love your shoes! :)

  8. I love hats.. nothing better to add a touch of style to any outfit! And this ione is great and suits you very well.. so well done!




  10. cute look


  11. You look absolutely beautiful!! Love your outfit and pics are so fun.

    <3 Marina

  12. you look so cute in your outfit! loving the hat!



  13. Cute outfit! Very relaxed and chic. :)

  14. I really like how you look with that hat!!


  15. Such a pretty outfit
    I love that hat, it looks so cute on you


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