New In: Bimba & Lola Bag!

When I went to Bimba & Lola, I really wasn't looking to buy anything - obviously that didn't happen - 

I must give credit to the sales lady that brought out every bag that was in the store & in storage, until we found the perfect one*. It has a long strap & a short strap, the size is perfect because it fits my laptop but it's still not super large, the color goes with everything & the material is also slightly weatherproof, so I don't have to take extreme care of it...

I also ended up buying a make up bag for my sister - she found a better use of it though since it's now her pencil case 

*I'm very particular about costumer service - it's something I pay very close attention to... do you?


  1. I have seen Bimba & Lola bags in several blogs and am really interested in their collections but I don't know where are they selling those.. definitely not in Estonia :P
    btw, customer service means a lot to me as well!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I love big bags that you can fit a laptop into :) this bag looks great :)

    Josephine. xx

  3. I like the colour - it looks nice & sturdy :) Even I pay attention to the customer service - I don't like it when they just want to sell you everything in the store but are obliging and helpful :)

  4. I have to admit I've never heard of this brand though Bimba sounds really cute! :D
    Customer service means a lot to me too. I deeply dislike when the salesperson frowns at me when I go into their shop, then buries herself in a laptop. I think even if they don't feel the best that day, they should try to make me stay and buy something!

  5. That back looks lovely and perfect for everyday kind of use
    I definitely think customer service can make or break a shopping trip


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