Candy Bag ~ Candy Bag

For about two months I wanted Furla's Candy Bag. First of course, I must credit Furlas’s amazing marketing strategy, they were everywhere, and Furla used many promotion techniques to get the product across. After taking a marketing class last semester it was really interesting for me to analyze it, and I admit I fell into the trap...consumerism is killing me! But I digress…
I decided I’d buy the purse in Panama thinking that their store would be better stocked, so there I was, in the mall, making my way purposefully to the store, and:

“Hello, do you have the Candy Bag?” I said.
“Yes” answers the saleslady.
“Great, where are they?” I ask while looking around.
“Oh no, we don’t have them anymore, they sold out the first two days after they arrived. We called our clients and even before the store opened they were outside waiting. So we sold out.”
“Ohh” I answer, in complete dismay, I’d been so close, “when do you get more?”
“We’ll probably get a shipment after Easter, here’s our card.”

So I walk out of the store, pretty disappointed I couldn’t buy my Candy Bag. However the quest was not over. There’s another store that sells Furla (and other brands), so a few days later when we were in that area we stopped by and asked.

“Hello, do you have the Candy Bag by Furla?”
“What?” Blank stare, “We have these Furla purses” she says pointing at other purses.
“No no, it’s plastic”
“Oh like this one?” She asks while pulling out from a drawer a different bag, but it did have a little plastic lining.
“No it’s like a barrel.” (Note: In Spanish it's barril, which is the word we use to describe the shape of the bag)
Blank stare again, “I don’t think we have that…”
I don’t know why I bothered explaining seeing that it was obvious she didn’t have it.

So anyway, after Easter, I called the Furla store again, and the lady told me the shipment would arrive on a later date… I was close to leaving and I’d been totally unsuccessful in my quest for the Candy Bag. 
The day before leaving, we were walking in the street where I’d previously asked for the purse, I passed straight by, but my mom, well the hero of this story, she peers inside and then asks, “is that it?” while pointing at a bag in display in the middle of the store.
Gasp!! Can it be?? “I think…so…” I said.
So I go into the store, and seriously, not exaggerating, I ran to the purse and hung it in my arm!!
Success!!! I’d My mom found it!! It was perfect and so pretty! Yaayyyy!!! 

There was only this color and black, they hadn’t received anymore. The lady remembered me, “That’s the bag you were looking for right?”

“Yesss!!” Ooooh man I was so happy!

So I brought it home, and used it the next day for travelling back here. Waiting in line to board the plane, a girl close by nudges her sister and says, “look that’s the bag,” to which she responded “yeah it’s beautiful”… I beamed like a proud parent!

One more thing, which I think is the best part: it smells sooo sooo good! It has that yummy plasticy new smell. You know it right?

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Ok, so I posted this a few days ago, but due to blogger problems (I was so unaware of what was happening!), it was all erased. I opened up the blog and everything was gone, I just kept refreshing the page. Grrr! Not cool!  It's kind of silly to repost a post but oh well... it'll have to do until I get more outfit pics ;)
Este post ya lo había puesto pero debido a los problemas de blogger, se me borró todo. De hecho entré al blog y refrescaba la página para ver si actualizaba, pero nada. Que mal de verdad. Se que es medio raro poner el mismo post de nuevo, pero será hasta que tenga más fotos de outfits ;)


  1. I've never even heard of this brand before, but your story had me riveted. (: Que bueno que la tengas ahora. I don't really care much for brands at all, which is probably obvious since I buy everything at thrift stores. So while I can't relate to your desire to own this bag, the adventure was fun!

    Also, kudos to you for giving your mom the credit. Haha. Sometimes it is hard to admit. (:

  2. Congrats!I have got it in yellow colour! It is really must have in this season!!!

  3. I know.. I loved all the colours!they look so yummy... you could almost eat them! Great that you finally managed to get your hands on it! :)

  4. GORGEOUS bag! I've seen so many of these bags on Susie Bubble's blog. I really want one for myself because of her... hahaha they're so pretty and yummy!

  5. What a cute one. :) Glad your mom was the hero that day! :)


  6. Cute story! It is always a thrill when you walk into the store to find the item you are looking for that is sold out everywhere else!

  7. LOVE IT ! *drools*


  8. It does look fabulous!!! And Yes! Consumerism is KILLING me (and my Bank Account) too :P

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  9. This is such a great post, lol!! I looove this bag, loove. I want it in like 2 colors but it's so hard because i'm trying not to shop! And yes Bloggger deleted everybody's last post, I was more sad to lose all the nice comments.. I also reposted my last one, so don't feel weird about it! lol

    P.S. Muchisissimaass graciaaas por el bonito comentario para mi cumple!!

  10. wow, i don't think i've ever seen anybody go through so much for a bag!
    and from the looks of it(in the pictures), i would've probably done the same :P
    love how red it is!


  11. Escribí lo siguiente en respuesta a tu comentario en mi blog, pero me ha dado cuento de que puedo responder aquí. Entonces...

    Blogger tenía mucha hambre y se comió todos los posts. Jaja. O simplemente tenía una problema del servidor. Pero muchos han perdido sus últimos posts y es posible que no vayamos a verlos otra vez. Qué triste.

    Espero (sin paciencia) tus posts nuevos. (:

  12. Ooh i actually really like this!!

  13. love your post!!it was so interesting to read!!!bag is really beautiful,u have luck that your mom found it!:D of course i follow u and come here often!!

  14. stunning bag!!!!
    I really likt it <3

    great blog,
    Kisses from Poland :)

  15. Omg that bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it, I would have spent the same amount of time searching it, because it would be worth it :) Haha I would be proud too if someone said that :) It's fabulous girl & red is an amazing color :)

    To answer your question on my blog, yes we talked about hair & make-up too in my styling classes, but on top of my styling classes I took a make-up artist class too :)

    Have a great weekend, enjoying the bag :)


  16. I'm glad your post returned! I wanted to comment and blogger wouldn't let me... and then the whole post disappeared... I'm sure it's a relief to get it back. :)

    Anyway, I can't wait to see how you'll style this bag, I've seen it at so many blogs! How great is it that your mum found it for you? :)

  17. Its always so satisfying when you manage to get your hands on something you have wanted for ages but never been able to find. I usually (unluckily) develop a longing for something that isn't in fashion and so cannot find it anywhere - one season it was a cobalt blue coat, another a over the shoulder buckled tan satchel. Ahh these things are annoying!

    Such a beautiful bag though... <3


  18. Que pasada de blog y el bolso de Furla... increible!! Son preciosos :D

    Un besazo guapa

  19. Hi! Thank you for you your comment :) The book is so inspirational, it's full of like doc martens/jeans/motorcycle jackets etc. and ways to wear leather and ll these cool editorials. very nice!
    You've got a very cute blog!
    x Ambre

  20. I love candy bags!!!
    this color is perfect!


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