Military Lunch

Jonathan Z jacket, Zara flats, Longchamp bag, DKNY shirt

For lunch this weekend we went to Paladar restaurant, located in Multiplaza Mall, the mall is huuuge and has lots and lots of nice stores.
I brought my military-green jacket and wore it casually with one of my favorite shirts, the material is very soft.
Paladar restaurant is very nice, but there’s a lot of people and few waiters, so we had to wait a long time to get our food. This is what we ordered:
As an entrée we ordered an assortment of cheese. Then as main courses: Greek salad, steak with chimichurri sauce, corvine fish with smashed potatoes, and then for dessert cheesecake. We must clarify that cheesecake is an absolute favorite of ours, so we’re hard judges, but this one pretty good.

Grades are in:
Service/servicio: 2/5
Flavor/sabor: 3.25/5
Ambiance/ambiente: 3.5/5

Para almorzar este fin de semana fuimos al restaurante Paladar, ubicado en el centro comercial Multiplaza. El centro comercial es grandísimo y tiene muchísimas tiendas!
Lleve mi chaqueta color militar, y la combine con una franela que me encanta porque es muy suave, para obtener un look casual.
El restaurante es lindo, pero van muchas personas y tienen poco personal, por lo que tuvimos que esperar mucho tiempo para que nos atendieran. Esto fue lo que ordenamos:
Para picar pedimos una bandeja de quesos, muy sabrosa. Luego como platos principales: ensalada griega, churrasco con salsa chimichurri, corvina al limón con puré de papas, y como postre un cheesecake. A nosotros nos encaaantan los cheesecakes, es el postre que siempre pedimos, por lo que somos muy críticos, pero este paso la prueba pues estaba bien rico.


  1. My gosh, the food looks gorgeous! I want that cake right now! :P
    I'm a huge cheesecake fan too, I even have favourite recipe for homemade ones, but that doesn't keep me from testing others, just like you! :)

  2. That food looks so freakin' good. And I'm pretty hungry, so you didn't help me ignore my stomach, you know.

    By the way, I'm very much in love with military-style jackets, so I, naturally, like yours. (:

    Don't worry about writing a short message. It's kind of crazy that you have to pay for it in the first place!

  3. food looks yummy and my mouth is watering

  4. all this food is making me hungry!

    *reminder to self - never read blogs with pictures of yummy-licious food when hungry*

    Coz it also makes me make up my own words :/

    Love the military jacket.. bought a similar one recently! :)


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