The Isthmus

View of the city, it's growing so fast skyscrapers are being built everywhere. The building that looks like a D in the new Trump tower.

 Panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. 

 I really like all the shades of blue, green, grey and a little brown in the ocean. Note: this sea is contaminated so you can't bathe in it. Fishermen must go really far into the sea to fish. 

 Buses in Panama look like this, and they're called Diablos Rojos (Red Devils). The paintings are very detailed and depict women, saints, the city, other Panamanian states, and some drivers even add colorful light bulbs so at night they flash green and blue. Unfortunately, due to do a government regulation, all buses must change to "normal" white ones by August.  

The sun was setting and I really liked the contrast of concrete, glass, the reflection and the colors created.

Also we're
Sooo, soon new outfit post and I'll also answer all comments :) Thanks for visiting! I also have some other  "touristy" pics I hope to post soon. 

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  1. geniales las fotos!! y la receta tiene que estar muy rica tal y como tu la haces!
    te invito a que visites mi blog de moda que seguro que te gusta!
    me encanta la ropa del post anterior!

    besitos! Justinmyhnadbag

  2. Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to visit Panama...the closest I have gotten was a brief detour in the airport on my way home from Ecuador. So glad you found my blog so I could find yours-it is lovely :)

  3. Great pictures!!! It's quite sad that they will paint those buses white! :(

    Happy weekend!


  4. Hello, yr blog is great! Follow each??

    Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, hope you are interested to join XD


  5. It looks gorgeous! Seems like you had a good time. I'm glad your regular programming is back (and cheaper). Can't wait to see some new purchases. (:

  6. These pictures are very nice! Looks like a beautiful place! I'm now following!

  7. Hello, Fellow Tall Blogger! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I loved seeing these pictures of Panama - it's someplace I've always wanted to visit. It looks amazing.

    Your blog is adorable - I'll definitely be back!

  8. Welcome back!
    Looking forward to more stories about your travels and pics of whatever you found interesting! :)

  9. wow.. its looks so great..

    in the 3rd pic, i was just admiring the colours of the ocean before i read ur comment that it was contaminated... thats so sad!

    Will be waiting for the outfit posts! :)

  10. hey lovely blog never been to panama but seen many movies on it and read so much about it
    glad you visited my blog and i could visit yours

  11. Wow love the pictures!! wahah and the reply to your question, everybody wears orange because the color symbol of the Netherlands is orange =P so it's fun to dress up in orange a kind of connection with each other XD the soccer team of the Netherlands wears orange too when they play soccer matches =) xx

  12. Panama, it seems like you had a great trip! oh i wish i could go there, well maybe someday :D

    Thailand? uh, I'm forget about Thailand what was my comment? let me remember uh, I'm such a bad remember-er -___- i'll tell you once i remeber it :D

    Brightspot Market is an event that held every once a year on their birthday. it filled with a plenty of booths and the booths filled with Indonesian young designers. you should go there. the DJ played the music all day long :)

    so personally love your last-outfit post. love the colour :D


  13. forget to answer your question. yes i did wear that wedges all day long hihihi the wedges is so comfortable ;)

  14. Thank you for your lovely visit and lovely message, glad now I got to know about your blog! Panama sounds intriguing, I often travel between LA and Rio and the connection sometimes is in Panama, always thought about staying a few days to get to enjoy it... maybe next time!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!


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