Shakespearean Colors

 Zara flats & shirt, vintage jacket, DIY clutch

Since flowers are blooming (and I've taken many flower photos) I remembered one of my favorite parts from Hamlet, when Queen Gertrude explains Ophelia's death, it's sad but so beautifully put together. 

Regarding my outfit, the highlight has to be my clutch haha, following Andy's instructions from Stylescrapbook, I did my own clutch. However, I suffered like you have nooo idea, trying to figure out how to put the zipper. I carried it all over the house the day I finished; it was a proud proud moment hehe! I really recommend you try it, but you should use it for lunch or something calm, not running around doing errands and then not knowing what to do with your hands/clutch (i.e. my situation). 

Since purple and yellow are complementary colors (I paid attention in art class (: ), I finished the look with a colorful vintage jacket and simple purple tank. Oooh and my leopard flats, j'adore, but they hurt a lot!
Have a nice day :) 

Como hay muchas flores en el jardín me acordé de mi parte favorita de Hamlet, cuando la reina le explica la muerta de Ofelia, me encanta la estructura, aunque sea triste. 

Del outfit destaco mi bolso DIY. Luego de ver las instrucciones de Andy decidí hacer la prueba. Pero como explico lo que he sufrido tratando de poner el cierre de la manera correcta, fue terrible! Lo tuve que hacer como cuatro veces antes de entender. Entonces cuando la terminé la paseé por toda la casa debajo del brazo, estaba demasiado orgullosa jajaja! 

Como el morado y amarillo son colores complementarios, decidí combinar el clutch con una chaqueta vintage de colores y una camisa sencilla morada. Mis flats de leopardo me encantan, pero matan. 
Que tengan un lindo día :) 

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  1. hello titine and totoche, loving your vintage jacket. i was have one like that but it was cropped so it's been sold to a friend of mine. by the way, our second collection will be available on may or late april.
    and i think i'll try to make a clutch just like you because i need one and yours is cute!

    love and kisses

    lisa and kirana

  2. me encanta tu chaqueta!!!
    xo xo

  3. thanks a lot for your comment :) love this jacket!! if you like to follow me, I'll follow you ;))


  4. Thank you so much dear! Would love for us to follow eachother :)


  5. aww pretty pictures :)
    nice blog .

    lovely cat ;)


  6. I'm coveting this jacket.
    And Federico. :)

  7. Great jacket!



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