The Boots

Zara boots & dress
    Getting my boots was a total "adventure"...I'd first seen them in one Zara store, but I wasn't too convinced that I would actually wear the boots, even though when I tried them on they were just soooo perfect. 
     My inner indecisive voice says, "Ok well, think about it, and then you can come back for them." Wrong thoughts, because we're talking Zara sales here, so when I decided to buy the boots, I went back to the store and yeah, they weren't there anymore! So I called all Zara stores seriously stalking the boots, the mean sales lady said that all boots had been removed, technically hinting that I should stop my search...and then... the miracle!! 
     A few days later I went to another Zara store, that I had previously visited in my quest for The Boots, but with no success. I went in again just to see, no expectations, and voilà the boots, in my size, waiting for moi!! They were the same ones I'd tried on in the previous store. Needless to say, the boots were definitely meant for me!!
On a side note, this dress has very pretty details, and it's actually a 2-in-1 piece! 

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